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Everything Worth A Cheeky Binge This Long Weekend

The weather has been so sporadic around the country of late, whether it’s boiling hot, rainy and windy, or all the seasons in one day (oh hey, Melbourne), a binge in front of the tele with minimal cares never goes astray. Sure you could go out every night this weekend, but I mean does a chill, cheap weekend with all your Hollywood faves ever go astray?

Studies in the past suggest this is the most binge-worthy time of the year, with the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA) saying 41% of Aussies will be sinking into the couch during this little break. But just what should you fix your eyes on? We’ve raided every digital service worth their salt (Netflix, Stan the whole enchilada – OK it’s just those two) and combed the proverbial video arcade to find exactly what’s worth watching. Rent, buy, stream just please don’t torrent now the governmental watchdogs are hoarding your metadata. Go forth and laugh, cry and binge, appropriately.

Win It All

If you love New Girl, you’ll be happy to see Nick back on screen in this gambling dark comedy. A chronic loser (quite literally) is tempted with the ultimate prize, a bag full of cash from a violently motivated individual. Jess is nowhere in sight but you will get to enjoy one half of Key and Peele.

Sandy Wexler

Adam Sandler is certainly an acquired taste, but with a little 90’s nostalgia from Happy Gilmore and the like you can thoroughly enjoy his unique humour. Netflix has bet on this nostalgic flavour promising a whole series of Sandler comedies in the pipeline, a real treat for those who (sorta) like him!

Rouge One

Geeks unite. This Star Wars prequel slots in so nicely within the Star Wars universe you’d be forgiven for watching the whole series with this interspersed. Felicity Jones makes for a magically earnest Jyn, and we only wish their fates offered more movies down this line. If you like me could listen to Forest Whittaker’s voice on repeat, this movie is especially enjoyable, and impressions are all but encouraged. Netflix, Stan, one of you please hurry up and get The Last Jedi on board.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Just when you thought the Harry Potter universe couldn’t be anymore enchanting, this book was brought to life. With the news that Jude Law will play Albus Dumbledore in the upcoming sequels, now is the perfect time to recap the sparkling zoological mystery. You’ll be reaching for the sorting hat.

Better Call Saul S3

If you’ve never taken the binge plunge into the prequel of Breaking Bad, make it your bloody mission this long weekend.

Louis Theroux Specials

God’s gift to this world was the wonder of Louis Theroux, the man second only to David Attenborough in documentarian prowess. Dive into a whole stack of his Weekend Specials courtesy of Stan. If you haven’t seen them all you must, get woke this weekend.

The Get Down: P2

Baz Lurhman’s colourful extravaganza is back on Netflix with more glitter, more dance and more funk. Think Moulin Rouge comes to funky town. If you haven’t seen the first season you simply must and groove along all weekend to an era gone by.

Back To The Future Trilogy

McFly! Hello McFly! Back To The Future didn’t just give us wildly high expectations of the future (hello self lacing shoes – where are you) and a penchant for down vests, it gave us hope and humour in equal measure. It also gave us Rick and Morty, so really we owe it a lot. The trilogy is now up on Stan for your viewing pleasure, so ready yourself for a whole lot of Doc’s wacky ideas and googley eyes.

Image source: Netflix

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