Greta and Malala Are The Power Duo We Need For 2020

I’m fine :,)

Greta Thunberg is currently visiting the UK for a school strike in Bristol and while she was visiting, met Malala Yousafzai.

It’s fine, I’m not crying over two of the most powerful young women in the world being in the same room.

Malala, if you don’t remember, was shot by the Taliban when she was 14 after years of activism for girl’s education. She survived and went on to found the Malala Fund with the aim of giving every girl 12 years of free, quality education. She’s also the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, receiving it when she was only 17.

The pair met at Lady Margaret Hall, a college in Oxford where Malala is currently living and studying. They talked about activism, but I’m sure they also had a bit of a freak out over each other. Greta also had a chat to some of the other students about science, protesting, the power of voting.

Malala posted an photo of them Twitter with the caption “the only friend I’d skip school for.”

And Greta followed up a couple hours later with “today I met my role model.”

It’s no surprise that the two of them are mates- they both shot to fame in their early teens, travelled around the world advocating for global change, and have both been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price. Hopefully Greta will win the award this year and they’ll have another thing in common.

Image Sources: Twitter

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