How to Navigate Your Mate Having a Crush on You

So you’re exactly where you’ve been a thousand times: a little tipsy and yammering away outside the club with one of your closest friends. You’re talking about things you can only discuss in the fragile, beautiful hours of the morning, with someone you trust and love. Then. What fresh hell is this? What is this look they’re giving you? You’ve never seen this look before. Are they… hitting on you?

It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, it’s downright impossible to try and figure out. If you’re wondering how to let your mate down easy, look no further. We’ve come up with a how-to guide on what to do in the fraught situation of an unrequited crush.

Don’t Go Along With It

As much as everything inside you wants to play along in lieu of hurting their feelings, fight those urges down with a baseball bat. Nothing is going to hurt them more than realising, eventually, that that was the case. If your new unexpected crush is getting a bit handsy, or a little too intimate, calmly put a stop to it. Don’t freak out and go overboard. Wordlessly remove their hand and continue the conversation.

Bring It Up Like It’s Not a Big Deal

If the situation continues, bring it up with them with a non-confrontational, non-dramatic way. Slip it in right as you are discussing last night’s episode of the Bachie. No need to dwell and hammer the point home, simply state that you love them as a friend, but you’re not interested in them in that way. Make sure to let them know how much their friendship means to you. And don’t let the silence dwell. Continue talking about how trash of a show Love Island is, but how you inexplicably can’t stop watching it.

Make the Effort to Continue Seeing Them

No doubt, after being (for lack of a better term) friendzoned, your friend will be feeling a little stung. Embarrassed, even. And it’s normal- being rejected by anyone hurts. Make sure to make it clear to them that this doesn’t have to effect the friendship: keep reaching out and making plans. They might reject the first couple while they lick their metaphorical wounds, and it’s good to respect their need for a little space. They will, ultimately, appreciate the gesture.

Set Them Up With Someone Else

If your friend is hitting on you, it probably means they’re lonely, and looking for love. If that person can’t be you, it can always be someone else. Casually mention your friend Laura. Laura! You know Laura! The blonde that takes salsa dancing classes every Thursday. Suggest you all go out for drinks and see if they hit it off. If they do, great! If they don’t, hey, at least there’s the buffer of the third person to keep their advances at bay, if only for the night.

Above All, Be Honest

After all, this is your friend. You know them better than the odd Tinder flame you find yourself having to reject every once in a while. As long as your friend, ultimately, knows that you’ll still be there for them, everything should work out without too much pain. Everyone has an unrequited crush, and this time, it just happens to be on you. Think about how you’d like to be treated in a similar situation and act accordingly. Good luck, to the friendzone and beyond.

Image Source: Warner Bros. Television

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