How To Improve Your Dating Profile For Max Swipe Rights

Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Grindr, Badoo…the list goes on. From humble beginnings, the dating app has quickly become one of the world’s most trustworthy ways to either find love or a quick, easy hook up. However, the art of a good dating profile ain’t an easy one to master. Often we have to filter through an abundance of less than average profiles in order to swipe right to exactly what we’ve been looking for. So if your matches are on the decline and your Happn profile is in need of a little revamp, please continue below.

#1 Pick Photos That Actually Showcase Your Face

No one wants to swipe right on someone that they can’t even see the face of. Now this applies to group shots, artsy photo shoots or mock photos. If you’re in search for love, you gotta put up a good front. Pick yourself a waist up shot that involves no sunglasses, no mates and no crazy arse graphic design layering above. Make sure you’re smiling and bonus points if you’re holding some sort of cute animal too. Sean Rad, the creator of Tinder did mention, ‘”It’s pretty well-known that smiling in photos helps you to be perceived as more friendly.”

#2 Avoid Too Many Near Naked Body Shots

Please, for the love of all things good and precious in this world, no shirtless gym selfies. The more gym selfies on the profile, the more narcissistic you will be perceived, and I mean, do you blame people for thinking that? We get it, your fit, you work out, but potential suitors don’t want some shallow pre-madonna. This applies to beach shots as well. Of course you can flaunt your assets and be proud of the skin you’re in but keep in classy. Candid shots work best, so avoid sucking in or even muscle flexing, it’s pure distasteful.

#3 Keep Your Bio Fun But Not Too Flirty

Everyone loves a good read of a dating app bio. Often you’ll come across ridiculous stories filled with plenty of banter, sometimes just a genuine insight into the person on display and unfortunately other times an explanation as to why ‘Jake’ loves big titties and a woman to cuddle (vomit). Tips for a good bio include; a quote from your fave TV show, a strong emoji game, a few adjectives to describe your personality or maybe even an obscure reference to one of your life interests. If you’re into gaming and you make it known in your bio, chances are the right one will immediately draw to you and swipe right.

#4 Don’t Overthink It

Really, the trick to getting max matches on the dating app of your choice, is really to just showcase you. Keep your profile simple and succinct. The more you try to promote yourself like a contestant on Love Island, the greater your chances of being overlooked. It’s amazing how many people are actually just looking for a genuine person to date

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