How Long To Wait Before Texting A New Flirt

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, texting a new flirt got a whole lot more complicated. To begin with, there are so many damn ways to simply message a potential love interest. Text, Facebook message, Instagram DM or even a SnapChat, it can get messy trying to deceiver not only what to write but what platform to send it and how long to wait until you reply. Let’s be real though, if someone wants your SnapChat, you’re setting yourself up to be a booty call. So whether you’ve met your flirt on Bumble or in the back of a club, here are a few sneaky tips on how to get around that age long question: ‘How long do I wait until I text them?’

Be Clear And Upfront (No Mind Games)

Forget everything everyone told you about playing hard to get. This isn’t high school and in the competitive world of modern day dating, ignorance is not bliss. If you’re interested for example in a girl you swiped right and chatted with on Tinder, make it clear. You wanna ask her out on an official date, ask for her phone number, don’t beat around the bush and ask her out for a drink. Or maybe you’ve got the flirt on with a guy in your Economics lecture? Get his Facebook, send him a message and keep the flirtation alive and real. The longer you wait, the more you’re gonna psych yourself out and miss a good opportunity.

Don’t Leave A Response Too Long

So the first move has been initiated, you’ve gotten a response and now what…? Do you wait a few days to make it appear like you’re not desperate? Or do you instantly respond to be sure to let your flirt know you’re keen? Play a happy medium. Too soon and it makes it seem like you’re a phone addict, too long and you run the risk of falling into the F*ck Boi/Gal department. Just message in a way that feels most natural, following your gut can be a good thing.

Take No For An Answer

You have taken the plunge and managed to snag their Instagram handle from their Happn profile. You slide into their DMs…no response. Send another and a uninterested response is sent back. But you choose to persist and try to continue the lack of conversation. Stop. Right. There. If you know this person ain’t even gonna make the effort to respond, take the hint and jog on. Even if it happens after a first date. You try to initiate a convo over Facebook and it’s just failing. Cut your losses. Chances are the more you message the higher your creep rating will become.

Work Out Your Message Platform

Before putting any of the above into practice, work out your platform. Here’s a little key to make things a touch more simple.

TEXT/WHATSAPP/FB MESSENGER = The route to take for serious messaging. Organising dates, sneaky flirting and hidden emojis will be found here.

INSTAGRAM = A tricky platform. A way to get extra attention (possibly for the wrong reasons). Revealing photos may trickle through on this platform and there will be explicit flirting.

SNAPCHAT = Don’t expect this flirt to take things to the next level. They’re just after a little fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

DATING APP = Pure trash talk. Nothing will ever eventuate if you continue to message on here.

On this note, happy texting lovers.

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