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Kanye West FINALLY Drops Jesus Is King, And These Are His Best 10 Tracks Of All Time

We all have a lil Ye in our life whether you like it or not

After MONTHS and MONTHS of speculation, ya boi Kanye West has finally dropped Jesus Is King. It’s soulful, it’s gospel, it’s different. I guess Kayne is really ready to take us all to Church?

So to celebrate this new record, we’ve decided to whip up 10 of our fav tracks by the mastermind himself. A way to celebrate Yeezy and his anticipated domination over the music industry once again.

#1 “Lift yourself”

Yeah man, the greatest Kayne tracc evaaaa!


Nah, we’re only trolling with you, the song is ironically great, where the more you listen to it the more you start to like it for all the wrong reasons. When you’re lit at a party this one is the type of banger that either 50% of your friends would stupidly celebrate, or the other 50% would worryingly raise their eyebrows at.

Either way, it is NOT part of this list (kind of ironically is), but I thought I’d throw it in there for all jokes sake because damn that song is a good laugh.

Take 2, here’s our real list of bangers that Mr West has produced and created over the years.

#10 Ultralight beam

Probably one of Kayne’s greatest songs to date.

A holy experience is this exact song.

#9 “Ni—as in Paris”

Whos’ here in 2019?! A super collab between Ye and Jay Z, this song is a track and I heard the Eiffel tower digs it too? Maybe his most ultimate hype track.

#8 “Famous”

Iconic. It’s not everyone’s most favourite, but I love the vibe.

#7 “Touch the sky”

13 years ago Kayne dropped this track, that we still, until this day, play on repeat. A memorable film clip, and also a track that unleashed Lupe Fiasco on us.

#6 “Monster”

(Everyone knows Nicki had the best verse).

Kayne rode this beat and it resulted in a smash. It’s just rap royalty really and that backing track is big.

#5 “Jesus Walks”

Political and timeless.

#4 “Waves”

We still here in 2019 riding the wave.

#3 “New Slaves”

Where we welcomed the beginning of Yeezy and this powerful journey.

#2 “Gold Digger”

Of course, we had to add in that classic bop to the list.

No matter where you are or what time it is or who you’re with, Gold Digger comes on, and everyones dancing and singing along to that crisp chorus sung by Jamie Foxx.

#1 “Runaway”

Runaway was never a huge radio play, but it’s the track that set a new sound for Kanye’s second era. Maybe because it’s epically long run time, but that iconic piano is just too good to not include at number one.

He’s a proper storyteller Yeezy, and this masterpiece brought so much to one individual track.

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