How To Know If Your Relationship Is The Real Deal

After several failed attempts to keep a partner, I have finally found myself in a long-term relationship with quite possibly one of the best human beings to ever exist.

As crazy as some of the predecessors were, my past relationships definitely did teach me a thing or two about detecting deal-breakers.

With this in mind, here are the tell-all signs that your relationship will stand the test of time.

You Can Trust Them With Your Life

Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. If you know your partner will keep all your secrets, be faithful and loyal; then they definitely meet the keeper criteria. Trust deal-breakers might look like a partner who is constantly lying, cheating or exaggerating the truth.

Though making mistakes in a relationship is to be expected, tell them to hit the road if problematic behaviour tends to repeat itself with little remorse or effort to learn from the past.

They’ve Seen You At Your Worst

I met my current boyfriend when I was going through some of the hardest years of my life. He has seen me sad, angry, with no make-up and consecutive days without showering (yep, I’m a winner.)

If the person you’re with only wants to be around you when you’re a radiant beam of light that has a normal shower schedule you may want to reconsider. Ok the shower thing makes sense, but you get the point.

Even though we want to be our best and do our best 24/7, at the end of the day it just isn’t realistic that any one person is going to be perfect all of the time.

A good partner will not berate you when you are down. If they’re the real deal they’ll be a shoulder to cry on, then help you find your way back to being the best version of yourself.

You Can Talk About Anything And Everything

Communication in a relationship is the cream between two Oreo biscuits, essential and also the best bit.

You’ll know your relationship is the real deal when your partner is open and you never feel worried that they’re hiding something. You should be able to feel like you can tell them anything without judgement.

If you both feel like you can speak and be heard, then you’re definitely on the road to success.

The Sex Is Bomb

I won’t go into detail, but you’ll know when you know.

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