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Netflix Premiers That Will Keep You Begging For More

Today we welcome the month of September. With a new month underway, we welcome an array of Netflix premiers and new releases. Before the weather well and truly heats up, maximise these next weekends to binge on some quality TV that is set to keep you begging for more. Even better, there’s a show for everyone’s taste preferences, from quality dramas to hilarious comedies. So grab some wine, maybe a sneaky cheese plate for one, tuck in and get ready to start streaming.

#1 Narcos Season 3 – 1st September

We can say that the nation well and truly fell in love with this actioned packed recount of the life of notorious Pablo Escobar. However, the season three premier reloads and moves Pedro Pascal to the leading role with the Cali Cartel settling in as the reigning drug lords. Goodbye to Agent Murphy in the spotlight, and instead we get the unorthodox Agent Pena in the drivers seat. No denying this new season will bring the same level of intensity as the previous two.

#2 Rick And Morty Season 3 – New Episode Every Saturday

Netflix Australia has blessed us with new episodes of Rick and Morty, gracing our screens just a week after the US premiers. Brace yourself for a new stream of crazy adventures of grandpa and grandson. Pickle Rick is ready for action.

#3 American Vandal – 15th September

You know that ridiculous trailer you saw on Facebook about that guy vandalising teacher’s cars with penises? Well yeah that’s actually a new Netflix show, and it ain’t no parody. The premier of American Vandal to screens is set to change the true crime genre, as we once knew it.

#4 Jerry Before Seinfeld – 19th September

Netflix is no stranger to stand up comedy specials, welcoming all legendary comedians from Eddy Murphy to Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer. This month, welcome to the stage none other than Jerry Seinfeld. The show is set to recap Jerry’s pre Seinfeld years when he was just kicking around New York as an observational comic. Now fingers are crossed that Larry David gets involved too.

#5 Gaga: Five Foot Two – 22nd September

Whether you’re a fan or not, Gaga is a revolutionary musician for her generation. Her documentary is set to give us in insight into the rollercoaster ride of being one of the most famous people in the world. Gaga herself hasn’t even seen the finished product as she wanted the documentary to portray her in an objective light.

Image Source: Netflix.

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