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Sneaky Tips To Remember When Moving For Max Cash Savings

When you’re moving into a rental, whether it’s your fourth time or your first, you’re almost aaalways going to forget the most simple of things. Things that we, no doubt, are going to regret when it comes to moving day or even (eventually) move out day. Get on top of it and be prepared. This makes for an easier and way less stressful move, that doesn’t involve sitting on boxes eating takeaway on your first night in your new place.

Guarantee Getting Your Bond Back

Ah, your bond. Along with the obvious cleaning at the end, the crucial things to consider regarding your bond will occur when you move in, believe it or not. Plan ahead and take photos when you arrive to make sure you have a strong case if your landlord ever decides to not give your money back come moving out day. Some landlords can be absolute a-holes. Build a strong record of the initial state of the place and better yet, make sure your landlord lodges your bond with the RTA (you should get a receipt) so if worst comes to worst, you can appeal. Nobody wants to lose hundreds of dollars, ’cause it’ll probably come in handy for your next moving costs, too.

Moving Your Precious Belongings

Two savings to be made here, folks.

1. Cull your belongings. Do you really need everything you own? Have a massive sort out and even sell some of those more expensive items on Gumtree. You’d be surprised as to how much money you could make. This saves on moving costs and generally helps you be a bit more organised with your belongings.

2. Come moving day, do you really need to pay some hunky men to move your stuff? (Need is the key word there, girls) You can grab boxes from various shops (Aldi, bottle shops etc) to save on buying expensive boxes. Plus, you’re doing your bit for the environment if you recycle after, too! Understandably, some of us work hectic af hours and are therefore pretty short on spare time. If you have to use moving company, definitely look into move off peak. Moving companies will charge less for winter/mid-week moves, so you can save a big chunk here.

Address Changes

Mail redirection prices don’t seem like a lot, but it all adds up. It can cost you $30 for a month of getting your mail redirected to your new address. And over $50 for 3 months. Write a list of all the changes you need to make – notably the bank and government info. Moving will also give you a good excuse to cancel those unnecessary memberships and monthly magazine subscriptions that subsequently just get chucked in the bin.

Changing your addresses pronto will not only save you money but time. And time is money!

Where’s The Wifi At?

If your rent includes utilities, you’re safe. If not, you need to get them sorted ASAP! Sorry to break it to you but that mobile data ain’t going to last forever. Make sure you get quotes from several companies and tell them that you have others that will beat the price. This might take up a bit more time but will 100% save you some cash in the long run. Buying a bundle for your internet/phone/tv will also be of benefit. Not only in terms of saving, but also the simplicity of one bill for all three. We know bills are totally menial, but get it out the way quickly so you can enjoy your new pad as soon as you move.

Rejig Your Budget

Moving out means a massive change in where your money is heading. Especially if this is your first time renting. Make sure you revisit your budget and adjust it accordingly. If you don’t currently budget, well, you really should. There’s loads of easy ways to start getting your moolah in order if you’re completely clueless. Utilities, rent and groceries should be allocated most of your money, then spending and savings money come next. We’re adulting now, okay?

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