The Twitter Hysteria Around The New Coronavirus Needs To Chill A Bit

It’s not outside of Asia yet, guys.

There’s been Twitter hysteria as a new infectious virus called coronavirus, which causes pneumonia, has started to make headlines. The virus has infected around 200 people in Asia, and four people have died.

Of course, Twitter is in meltdown again (is it ever calm over there?) as people start to panic about the “plague”. While plague is definitely a huge stretch, it’s true that the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus is increasing pretty quickly – but that’s because of frequent testing, not because of some super-spread.

Most of the cases of coronavirus are in China, particularly in the city of Wuhan, where most of the infected patients travelled to/from. People are travelling at airports heaps right now because of the Lunar New Year, and so other countries are screening flights and airports for coronavirus too, including Sydney and the US.

There’s huge fears that this will turn into an epidemic like the deadly SARS outbreak in 2002-2003, but I wanted to point out that quarantine measures are being taken really seriously, and there aren’t many reputable sources linking it to SARS in a meaningful way – so let’s not freak out about “the plague” yet.

But, I know, you don’t care that it’s probably not gonna kill us – you just want the memes. Here ya go, you rascals.

No one’s been infected outside of Asia as of yet, so for now, let’s chill out please.

Image Sources: Twitter

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