This 4 Year Old Disputed The Entire Plot Line Of Aladdin And Honestly, She’s Woke

Disney’s remake of Aladdin was met with half a year of hype and hysteria. We questioned whether Will Smith would really pull off that goatee, let alone fill the shoes of Robin Williams – which, for the record, can’t really be filled. They’re a whole other brand, style and tread which as far as shoes go, cannot be ‘filled’.

Yet amidst all the talking points; amidst all the trepidations around the cast and the plot, one thing remained undisputed. Why did Jasmine need to wait around for Aladdin to take that magical carpet ride, anyway? Why didn’t she just see the world on her own?

I won’t claim this groundbreaking theory as my own, because it’s not. It’s the wise words of this 4 year old. Yikes, I never really thought I’d say that.

I back Madison Jade as the next Rotten Tomatoes movie reviewer. Someone hire her, please.

Of course, the nature of Aladdin’s 2019 remake is exactly that – it’s a remake. The contemporary version of the 1992 film extends its original elements and themes, and whilst the newer version awards Jasmine with an abundance of agency, this is still a hefty feature of the plot line I can’t quite ignore. Neither can this little toddler, it would appear.

Sources: @simply_madisonjade.

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