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We Picked Our Top 5 Disney Live Actions So Far And They’re Pretty Magical

Be right back living my five year old fantasy

As long as films and children exist, Disney will always make film after film. And quite honestly the inner child in all of us is not disappointed at all.

Throughout the decade Disney has fascinated us, shocked us, made us cry, made us sing, and it continues on doing so. With their extraordinary list of live-action remake films, we’ve decided to reminisce on the superior ones.

#1 Aladdin 

You already saw this one coming, it deserves its rightful place in this list. My inner childhood dreams of flying on the magic carpet with a stunning prince next to me came true.

(Well with my mum sitting next to me, inside a cinema hall as I silently wept)

Sort of similar right?

Aladdin was able to bring Arabian Nights mixed with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air into one, yep, Will Smith did that. Not only were the songs fresh with that Disney added touch, but they managed to make the whole audience bop inside the session. Add hip-hop, a cool AF genie, some fantastic high-tech visuals and you got yourself Aladdin.

Robbin Williams is proud.

Princess Jasmine played by Naomi Scott, and Aladdin by Mena Massoud, both fantastic actors, who were able to bring the magical essence of the 1992 movie to be what every little girl dreams off.


#2 Beauty And The Beast


First of all, since when did Emma Watson sing!?

Either way, the girl can sing, and the whole movie was a beautiful ballad that continued and continued until Belle and the Beast finally fell in love, and both lived happily ever after. The movie was perfectly enchanting, hilarious, and wholesome. From the moment Belle saves her father or when the beast turns into the human entity he once was, we loved it all.

My favourite character of all, Lumière, was able to shine bright (literally, he’s a candle). And the entire sequence of Be Our Guest was simply genius. The cast was magnificent, and that dress, PHEW!

Earning its rightful place in our top five.


#3 The Jungle Book


A story that was able to live its old reign and be passed down as a new, reinvented film that truly captured our hearts.

Director Jon Favreau allowed the Jungle Book to regain it’s original popularity and is now considered a classic. The movie was able to capture the fear, adventure and tears, loads of tears into one wholesome package.

The computer animations were on a whole other level as the movie allowed a pathway for more animals in the real world. Very much worth every minute of however long it took to edit an animals paw, or a snakes silky pattern.


#4 Alice in Wonderland


One of the earlier Disney live remakes, Director Tim Burton famous for his vivid imagination and philosophical creations managed to pull this one right of the hat. The mad hatter’s hat specifically.

Not only was the cast top-notch yet again, but they were also able to bring the famous Cheshire cat, rabbit, dragon, the list goes on really, to life.

Who better suited for the Madhatter other than Mr Johnny Depp, the man himself is a whimsical creature, and he perfectly pulled off a mad man who so desperately love. Anne Hathway, from princess to a literal Qween, and the rest of the cast performing exceptionally, as the audience was finally able to go down the Rabbit Hole into the fantastical world of Wonderland.

And yeehaw the movie is also Award Winning.


#5 The Lion King


While The Lion King has had mixed reviews all over the internet, we loved it.

What. A. Beautiful. Cast.

Diverse, talented, and come on, Can You Feel The Love performed by nonetheless Donald Glover and Beyonce, *instant chills*

The only downfall, the movie seemed way too short, we wanted more. But of course the classic characters, Pumba and Timone seemed funnier than ever, we couldn’t help but sing along to Hakuna Mata, of course, standard.

And what was even more beautiful, was the gorgeous felines that were used to help create baby Simba and Nala.

lionking, simba

In all, it was the most wholesome Disney remake of them all, and the death scene ripped through my heart all over again, as I imagined five-year-old me watching this movie all over again.

The movie and soundtrack both deserve that Grammy nomination after such successful remediation, and hello, Beyonce?


Image Source: CTV News


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