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5 Things Nobody Tells You About When Moving Out Of Home For The First Time

Whilst the freedom of moving out of your family home can be hella exciting, it’s not until you get there that you’ll start missing a few comforts from home. Crossing the wobbly bridge into adulthood is pretty daunting and definitely doesn’t come without its harsh realities… Which you’ll probably only come across once it’s too late and Mum’s turned your old room into her new walk in wardrobe.

Your Mum Won’t Make Your Appointments For You

It’s not until you reach this point in life that you’ll realise your Mum has been your very own personal assistant for your entire life. How the hell do you make a doctors appointment? Who even is my GP? Maybe it’s just easier to ignore the growing lump on your leg and hope you don’t have to get it amputated in two weeks time.

Ironing Is A Myth

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By far the biggest waste of your time, unless of course you’ve got a swanky job where you need nice shirts sans creases. Just shake your clothes before you hang them out and Bob’s your uncle, they’re good to go straight from the line. Cheeky tip, if you ever need to get some small creases out last minute, just use hair straighteners. Works a treat!

Bills Cost Real Money

No more Beyoncé concerts in the shower, or keeping that godsend of a fan on all night. No. Moving out of home means that you are about to become worlds biggest scrimp (here’s a quick guide to help you with your cash). Although not a bad thing, you’ll definitely miss not having to worry about how much your next bill is going to be. Any excuse to escape back to your ‘rents for a cheeky night or two for some of those home comforts, right?

Cooking (Proper) Meals Is Actually A Challenge

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Now you’re on your own, you might be ecstatic to be able to eat whatever you want whenever you damn well please. It does become frustrating, however, when you’re craving lasagne at 10pm and all you have in the fridge is some barbecue sauce and half a block of old cheese. Shopping is a fundamental part of living on your own and you actually have to do it in order to be able to cook. Not doing so may result in some weird as hell food combos, but don’t worry, you’ll be applying to Masterchef in no time (these sneaky hacks will help ‘ya get a bit of nutrition into your life, too)

The Cleaning Fairy Does Not Exist

Contrary to popular belief, the cleaning fairy is definitely not real, as discovered when the fridge starts to become a little pungent and that childhood bout of asthma starts to creep up on you after 15 years due to the settling dust around your room. Sure, nobody will know if you haven’t washed your sheets in a few months but it might ruin your chances when your new Tinder flame wants to pop round on short notice.

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