5 Types of Customer Refunds You Really Want To Say No To In Your Retail Job

Does it have the receipt and tags?

Ah, retail. Hell’s end of casual work, where you’re treated as an inanimate object for people to trod on in every way possible. Delightful. And you know what’s my fave part? Refunds.

There’s few things worse than a customer who is screaming at you for a refund that you aren’t really entitled to give, and in honour of that I’ve compiled a list of all the worst types of refunds you can get asked for in retail.

#1 When They Claim They Bought An Item Yesterday But You Definitely Haven’t Seen It Since 2016

Oh, you lost the receipt? How convenient. What about a bank statement? No? Only the tags? Hmm.

Tell me Justine, when did you buy this? Oh, a couple of weeks ago? Are you sure? Because the wash tag inside says this item is from the 2016 range. Oh, they must have sold you an old item? But charged you full price? Interesting.

#2 When The Item Is Clearly Worn Out But They’re Claiming It’s Faulty

This one really gets me in a rage. Well, internally anyway – you bet that retail smile is plastered on my face in Joker-like fashion 24/7.

I once had a customer return a pair of cheap $5 kids strappy beach sandals (think like a mix between birkenstocks and crocs, but made out of a plastic-y foam) which are generally just used as flip flops for when you’re going from the change-room to the pool.  They were worn to the point of ripping and bending, and she demanded a refund for a “faulty” item because her kid had been wearing them literally everywhere including the park for “a couple of weeks.” THEY ARE NOT MADE FOR WALKING. THEY ARE FOR THE WATER. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT.

#3 When They Literally Have No Proof Of Purchase

Get. Out.

#4 When The Item Was A Gift But They Want A Cash Refund

How do so many people think that cash refunds for gifts is a thing?! I’ve never had to do one before. A credit note or exchange, sure – but putting money onto a credit card or handing cash for an item with no receipt that they didn’t even buy?! The audacity. Just swap your size and go.

#5 When They Ruin The Item Right After Buying It And Then Expect You To Give Them A New One

I’ll never forget the woman who’s kid pooped in a skirt she had just bought, so she brought it back and wanted to refund it. A POOPY SKIRT. THAT SHE EXPECT US TO TAKE BACK. Despicable.

Image Sources: Twitter @tayylorrossee, @_leukothea, Reddit u/thevintagekid

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