Emily Heller Left Her Emmys Gown Up To Her Fans, And BOY Did They Deliver

“Would you like to say you dressed an awards show nominee?”

Usually the more daring looks are restricted to the VMA’s carpet. Hollywood’s award ceremonies are usually a far more reserved affair.

That was until Emily Heller strolled on in and won the Emmy carpet’s best dressed of 2019 – perhaps of all time. And it as all thanks to the power of photoshop.

The comedian and writer tweeted out to her fans before the show that she wouldn’t have time to walk the press line with the rest of the stars. So she’s “leaving my red carpet look up to you.”

With the tweet, she attached four photos in which she stands – posed and poised and properly working it like no other – in a green bodysuit in front of an ‘Emilys’ screen. I see what you did there, Heller.

She challenged her fans to put their design skills to the test to help her decide on a red carpet look ahead of the ceremony. And the submissions didn’t disappoint.

We’ve been given super-hero realness.

A transformative outfit.

Power Poses.

“I’m Calling It ‘Au Naturale'” – @TiredTater

Bold, Daring, Iconic.

This One Had Some Post-spiration

But Comfort Was Others Primary Concern

Just. So. Extra.

She Could Look Like Royalty

They Even Gave Her A Hot Date

But the award for Best Photoshop Red Carpet Gown goes to…

Anyone of these would be sure to make a statement, and one that’d look great accepting an award on-stage for any one of the seven nominations ‘Barry’ – the show she is a writer for – has.

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