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Niranga Was Seriously Slept On In The Bachelorette, And Was A Total Token Coloured Contestant

Srsly producers?!

The hens party thrown by Angie’s best mate Yvie in last night’s ep served us some iconic looks, a la Elton John. The fab rose-tinted glasses and feather boas made the rounds among the boys. Without a doubt, Niranga pulled them off the best.

But he and Jesse were both sent packing at the end of the ep.

In the four eps he was in the Bachie mansion we hardly learned anything from or about Niranga. Or Jesse for that matter. But honestly we didn’t get to hear much about anyone who wasn’t being an ass, dogging the boys or getting nude. We all know drama comes first when it comes to reality TV, but this time it was a real shame.

First of all, Niranga couldn’t be less interested in influencer/social media/fame (take note Carlin). He also happens to be an aircraft engineer and has represented Australia in multiple sports – including rugby and cricket. Even a state champion in javelin when he was younger. I mean come on now.

And most wholesome of all, he helped setup the NA-Sri Lanka Outreach charity with two other mates. The charity helps support children in Sri Lanka, and is doing some real decent things – particularly during a challenging past 12 months for the country.

As the only coloured contestant on the show, it’s disappointing we didn’t learn anything about Niranga until he left the show. I mean when you saw that he was the only person of colour cast in this season, you instantly worried that it was just a token play by producers to avoid the yearly backlash at absolutely no diversity in the cast. I’m sure Angie had her reasons, and that’s totally chill – I’m just left scratching my head as to why the heck we didn’t hear more about this great man??

The same could be said about Jesse but let’s be real, there are more than enough extraverted white guys to go round this season. Niranga brought some interesting things to the show, and clearly had far more genuine values (tsk tsk Jamie the joker, obviously only there for ratings).

It just leaves this sour taste in the mouth, ya know? Like I know this is a dating show and not a doco on diversity, but at least get some airtime in for the guy. Not just so we get to know him a bit better, but because he obviously had a decent sense of humour – and believed in a lot of good things. We’ll miss you sweet soldier (well I will anyways).

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