ScoMo Blatantly Lied To The UN About Our Emissions Stats And It’s Awks

Fake News.

Old mate ScoMo is really pissing us off this week, not just with his general snobbery towards the climate strike, but now with his assertion that criticisms of Australia’s environmental inaction are apparently made up.

In his address to the United Nations in New York, our unfortunate Prime Minister Scott Morrison has claimed that Australia is very on track with its emission reduction goals, and that it may even surpass them.

“Australia’s internal and global critics on climate change willingly overlook or, perhaps, ignore our achievements, as the facts simply don’t fit the narrative that they wish to project about our contribution,” he told the General Assembly.

“Oftentimes the criticisms that have been made about Australia are completely false.

“Where do they get their information from? Who knows? Maybe they read it, maybe they read it,” he told reporters in New York, according to SBS.

I don’t know about you, but claiming that genuine critics are purposefully ignoring facts sounds an awful lot like Trump accusing journalists of fake news when they called him out for bullshitting.

Bullshitting is definitely the right word to use for Scott Morrison’s speech because environmental reports state that actually, we’ve had a rise in our emissions since 2014 – approximately 1% per year.

“…We meet the targets that we set, and in fact we exceed them,” is what Scott Morrison told reporters, which is blatantly untrue.

The Facts

Climate Action Tracker reported that Australia’s emissions are actually on the rise, despite Scott Morrison’s claims that we are on track and potentially going to beat our 2030 targets. They also state a number of inconsistencies in Australian politics in regards to coal and international agreements.

Australia’s fossil fuel emissions are now 7% above 2005 levels, when they are supposed to be 26-28% lower than 2005 by 2030.

ScoMo also confirmed that Australia would no longer be donating to the Green Climate Fund, which we haven’t donated to since last year.

“I’m not writing a $500 million cheque to the UN, I won’t be doing that. There’s no way I’m going to do that to Australian taxpayers,” Scott Morrison said.

Funny, because he didn’t seem to have an issue spending $185 million dollars to reopen a Christmas Island detention centre to imprison just one innocent refugee family (including two children who are Australian citizens). I don’t recall Australian taxpayers being happy about that, but apparently saving the actual planet isn’t as important as locking up brown kids.

Image Sources: Twitter @Mark_Butler_MP, @screw_hierarchy

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