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5 Things To Watch Out For When Looking For A Rental

Finding a rental property can be hard. Prices are soaring, the market is competitive and finding something central to your work, university and those you love can be challenging at best, and harrowing at worst.

Then there’s navigating property advertisements and listings. Full of jargonistic words and nonsense terminology, you’d be forgiven for being a little confused at times.

Here are five terms that all renters should beware of when looking for a home that has it all (hint: that’s one of the terms).

#1 “It’s cosy and cute”

These words are usually used to describe spaces that are worryingly small or squashy. A very literal, albeit crude, translation might go a little something like this: “Good luck fitting all your things in this tiny shoebox!” or “See that matchbox over there? Yes, that’s the second bedroom.”

#2 “A definite up-and-coming area”

This term is used to advertise properties that are in less popular, fashionable or reputable areas. And they may be right – in the near future, the area might be the most hip and happening part of town. But at the moment it’s a case of perpetually locked doors, and quick and nervous dashes between your car and the front door. Oh, and a 25-minute walk to the nearest coffee shop. Boo to that.

 #3 “View this charming home now”

Is the house polite too? Perhaps the property you’re perusing online is also affectionate. It’s an odd choice of word for an inanimate object. It’s also a bit of an empty filler word, used to add to the length and general sentiment of a property advertisement, without actually saying anything important about it.

#4 “The place is a decorator’s dream”

This phrase is mostly synonymous with run-down, dilapidated, aged and in need of fixing, and should be enough to make you ask more questions about the place. Unless you’re an artist who gets their kicks from plumbing, or a designer who’s handy with a hammer, your artistic skills alone might not cut it.

#5 Anything with too many exclamation marks!!!

Exclamation marks get a bad rap. They’re a wonderful punctuation mark designed to express excitement and intensity, but online it’s often a sour end for old Mr. Exclamation. When used in excess (and commonly alongside over capitalisation), it appears unprofessional and untrustworthy. Be very cautious about a rental property that rests on this technique. Because it probably IS too good to be true!!!!!

Image Source: Sky News.

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