University Satisfaction Results Are Out, And Eeek A Lot Of Big Uni’s Are Below Average

UNSW students are pissed.

The 2019 Student Satisfaction Survey was released today, surveying all 41 universities in Australia, as well as 77 other higher education institutions.

You might remember ignoring the SES emails that were bombarding your inbox in the middle of last 2019. About a quarter of a million students didn’t though, with 78% of undergrads and 76% of postgrads rating their experiences positively.

Since 2011, undergraduate student experiences have been increasing slowly. Of all the focus areas, student support and learner engagement were ranked the lowest.

Students studying rehabilitation rated their learning experience the highest at 86%, while the lowest went to dentistry students, at 68%.

However, there were plenty of universities students weren’t impressed with. The University of New South Wales were the least satisfied with their education. Only 63% of students had a positive experience. That’s a huge margin the second worst rated uni, the University of Sydney with a 74% satisfaction rate.

This is almost certainly due to the introduction of trimesters last year, which was opposed thoroughly by students. Many students have reported feeling burnt out, and tutors have been forced to cram a semester’s worth of content into nine weeks.

Other universities that were below average were La Trobe, the University of Tasmania, James Cook University, and Macquarie University. The University of Divinity and the University of Notre Dame were ranked highly on the happiness scale for students.

Although, 20% of undergraduate students said they had considered leaving higher education, with almost half of those respondents noting health or stress as the reasons. Study/life balance, needing to do paid work, and financial difficulties were all other factors. It’s no surprise when student services like financial and mental health assistance are almost universally underperform, rating the lowest of all surveyed focus areas.

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