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Ways To Brighten Up Your Apartment This Spring On A Budget

Spring means renovation time. If you love nothing more than watching The Block (guilty, as charged), we’ve found some easy ways to give your apartment a face lift that won’t break the bank.

Spring Scents

By this point in the year, your candle collection is probably running low. You’ve used all of the apple and cinnamon ones you got for Christmas over winter and now it’s time for some fresh aroma’s to spice up your life. Try some floral notes for the ultimate spring feel. And if you’re feeling nifty, it’s also super easy to make an essential oils burner out of a tin can, or even a water glass and ceramic bowl. Here’s a quick hack. Simply add water and a few drops of your fave scent then put a tea light underneath. If you’re not into DIY, burners are cheap as chips so either way, you’re not going to be too out of pocket.

Plant Power

It goes without saying that with spring comes plants. Whether you decide to purchase some bright seasonal flowers or succulents are more your thing, spring is the perfect time to use them to give your place a grooming. For flowers, I love to recycle wine or beer bottles with cool labels and put a couple of single stems in there for a minimalist yet industrial feel (this is the best cash saver, too!). If you’re a plant lover like me, succulents and aloe are easy as to maintain and whilst giving your apartment a pop of colour and a natural feel, also keep the air fresh. It’s a no brainer.

Colour Splash

The easiest way to introduce a bit of light into your life after this long (looooong) winter is to change up your colour themes. Switch the navy’s and maroon’s to nice bright blue’s and green’s. If you’re a minimalist in terms of colour, like myself, then it’s easy. Change the black to white. Get out of those stuffy winter feeling and get that smile back on your face ’cause summer’s making a comeback! No need to buy new cushions, just buy the cushion covers and swap with the old ones, then you can rotate them season by season. If you’re stumped on the new deco’s, here’s some inspo to get your fung shui in order.

Outdoor Haven

We all know fairy lights are the best and most simple way to spruce up your garden/balcony/courtyard and ensure you make the most of the summer nights. It doesn’t matter about the size of the area, these will give your space a cute as hell vibe, ready for late night drinks, barbecue’s and chilled out tunes with friends all summer long. And if you haven’t got round to putting any furniture in your outdoor haven yet, you can’t go wrong with a few IKEA pieces. Any excuse for an IKEA trip (meatballs all round!)


It goes without saying that a spring clean is very much in order. A good excuse to clear out all of the junk you’ve been hoarding over winter and an opportunity to clear some space in your wardrobe (for some new additions). Cleaning and decluttering is a sure way to make your apartment feel bigger and lighter. You can even rearrange some furniture for a completely new feel or try your hand at some cheeky DIY hacks.

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