Mind-Blowing ‘Hotel Hacks’ From The Smart People Of Twitter

Just in time for vacay szn !

Thanks to one guy’s life changing blackout blind hack for that pesky gap in-between hotel curtains, Twitter users have been sharing their best ‘hotel hacks.’ From free bottled water to free phone chargers, these people really know how to make the most of a hotel experience. So if I can ever actually afford to stay in a hotel again, these are the hacks that I will be trying out immediately!

This absolutely changes the jet lag game, THANK YOU!

Maybe this will cure my chronic fear of hotel TV remotes…?

This is so sneaky, but we are all probs gonna try it now.

Why have I never thought of this? Probably because i’ve never set foot inside a hotel gym…

If you’re one of those people that works on vacation…

This is next level organisation skills.

For when you cbf to iron. Or can’t access the ironing board because you’re already using it as a desk…

Aw, such a wholesome hack. All is good in the universe today.

Image Sources: Twitter,  Unsplash (@RhemaKallianpur)

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