ScoMo Wants A Royal Commission Into The Bushfires And It’s Fkn Stupid


So, the parliament has resumed for the year and proven that having Scott Morrison’s poor leadership was not, in fact, a fever dream.

To kick off the year, Scotty from Marketing is living up to his name by suggesting we have a Royal Commission into the horrific bushfires, probably in order to save himself from the dreadful PR he’s been dealing with all summer.

He’s also named the bushfires “Black Summer”, no doubt as an attempt to rebrand the various unflattering names people have given the fires while linking them to climate change.

And no, it didn’t work – #MorrisonFires is trending on Twitter to remind the world that yes, we haven’t forgotten the role ScoMo has played in exascerbating these fires. I mean, #CrimeMinister was a thing for a reason.

ScoMo reckons the Royal Commission should investigate 1) when the federal government can step over state governments in regards to dealing with natural disasters and 2) look at what states have done to reduce firerisks in our hotter, longer, drier summers.

Now, let me tell you exactly why this is all complete horseshit.

The Liberal government has been directly responsible for creating an environment that was easily decimated by the fires.

They’ve long ignored Indigenous solutions to fire reduction, and refuse to act on climate change (which is what is responsible for these fires).

Acting like the state government needs to be investigated when our Prime Minister champions coal mines and fossil fuel emissions is hypocritical at best and downright dangerous at worst.

So, Why Should We Be Pissed Off About The Royal Commission Into The Bushfires?

The Liberal government are the ones who slashed millions of dollars that would have been crucial in firies having adequate resources to fight bushfires and save lives. Scott Morrison has continuously denied climate change and it’s affects on the fires, and his refusal to act on climate change is exactly what has allowed this summer to be so dangerous and out of control.

He lied about our emissions to the UN, refusing to admit they had dangerously increased. He’s actually still adamant that Australia is doing it’s bit to reverse climate change, despite the fact that we’ve been placed bottom of the list of countries who are taking action on climate change.

Oh, and in 2008 the Liberal government ignored a report that predicted our horror bushfires, down to the year and months.

You can read all about how the Australian government is totally to blame for the climate-change driven bushfires in our article here. There’s a lot of hypocrisy going around with this Royal Commission into the bushfires.

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is that we fucking know why we are suffering from these bushfires. Hundreds of scientists have come together to try and explain to this morally derelict government that they are actively and personally contributing to climate change with their shitty policies and wet-dreams of coal, yet no one listens.

A Royal Commission isn’t going to achieve anything useful when our government refuses to acknowledge the root cause of these bushfires. All it does it waste millions of dollars – money which should have gone into funding fireservices and bushfire victim relief, as well as climate action initiatives to prevent further dangerous weather.

Scott Morrison is just trying to look like he’s doing something about this crisis – but we’re not buying into it.

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