Ten Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas For 2019

Because who wouldn’t love to dress as Miley and Cody before they breakup

Here is an iconic, reprised, fresh and funky set of costume ideas that you and your S/O can pull off for Halloween 2019. Or if you’re single, don’t worry – I gotchu. We’ve got some awesome ideas that you could pull off with your friends or by yourself.

Here I’ve comprised a list of both costumes that are super trendy for popular culture in 2019 as well as costumes that have that iconic Halloween flavour.

#1 Joker

Possibly the BIGGEST character of the year, and perfectly in time for Halloween. The Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix is the staple go-to Halloween costume for this year, no doubt. Grab some face paint in various colours, a funky suit that your dad has in the back of his wardrobe or hit up them online costume stores because I’m 100% sure they’re stocking this cozzie everywhere. If not, Vinnies is a great option for some snazzy suits.

#2 Any Character From Stranger Things

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Be that funky guy/girl at the Halloween party rocking them 80s inspired fits. This one is super groovy and easily managed through a visit to any Op-shop or even Kmart (be sure to remember those scrunchies). And if you want to make it even more Halloween-y, add the gore and some fake blood, rip some of the clothes, and boom you’re a Stranger Things zombie.

#3 Any Character from Riverdale

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This show is perfect for Halloween.

Not only are there numerous characters who are scary and horror-iffic enough, but you can also get away with hot girl summer/ boy by pulling off a Betty, Veronica or even better, Archie. Get into the true Riverdale spirit and become the Black Hood, or even better the bloody Gargoyle King. And for that costume go wild at your local park and find some wack looking sticks or something…

#4 Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X in “Old Town Road”

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Cringe but kinda living for it.

Whip out your yeehaw’s, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, some spicy old town road fashion and giddyup you’ve got yourself yet another iconic and memey costume. Be sure to play “Old Town Road” 20 times in a row at this party, and maybe whip out a little fake moe if you’re dressing up as Billy.

#5 Captain Marvel Or Any Avengers Character

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What is Halloween without at least one superhero character? And yes ladies you can finally be a new superhero, dress up this year as Captain Marvel and slay the marvel universe.

#6 Dead IronMan

(Nothing more Halloween than a dead character, am I right?)

Tragic, sad but soooooooooo good. Pull off Ironman in his final seconds, and hey snap that gram pic with a pose of Ironman snapping his fingers in front of Thanos.

You dressed as Iron Man + one of your friends as Thanos = boom Halloween 2019 sorted.

#7 Lindsay Lohan on The Masked Singer AU, Or Just Any Masked Singer

Related image

Imagine a Halloween Costume as Iconic and hilarious as Lindsay Lohan on the Masked Singer AU. Boy oh boy, this show is quite the talk, so why not put the talk in Halloween and whip out a costume like Lindsay on the show. Walk around the Halloween Party looking confused, shocked and surprised. Or you can dress up as a wolf holding a microphone, the options are endless.

#8 Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

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For all you couples out there, hit the nail and dress up as these two love birds for this year’s Halloween. Rock up looking extremely close and saucy  – with some fake tats and blonde locks you’ve suddenly become Miley and Cody. But be sure to pull this one for Halloween and Halloween only, as the couple might not make it until the end of the year, who knows.

#9 Lady Gaga At The Met Gala


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“Camp is a part of who we are. It’s not something that we have to try to be.” Watch the full video on! #hausofgaga #metgala #metgaga

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Look I’m going, to be honest. To pull this one of all you’re going to need is a huge pink blanket, an umbrella and a gigantic pink bow to top it all of on top of your head. Halloween is all about being dramatic, and I don’t know if there’s anything more dramatic than Gaga’s 2019 Met Gala look.

#10 Matt Agnew – The Bachelor AU 2019


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There’s something in here about the roses on my tie I’m sure @thebachelorau #thebachelorau

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Yes, you already know it. What would an iconic Australian Halloween be like without our boi Matt Agnew. This one is super easy to pull off. Find any tux you’ve got, add some nerdy glasses to the picture, a fake rose in your hand, and there you have it, you’re now Australia’s Bachie boy.

Ladies, I hope one of you is pulling this costume off this year. Or even better I hope one of the Bachie contestants from this years season will be wild enough to pull this one, imagine that, Abbie?

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