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Jen Aniston Confirms Friends Reunion, And Here’s All The Rumours About What It Might Be

So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyyyy *aggressive clapping*

She just broke the record of reaching one million followers the quickest on Insta with a hella nostalgic pic of the Friends co-stars hanging out, and now she’s telling us there’s more to come. Jennifer Aniston could we love you any more than we already do?

Ellen managed to get it out of her that something with the OG cast is in the making but couldn’t pin-point exactly what. Mega-fan Charlie Puth was all of us when Jen joined him for a chat on the show:

Which got us speculating – what kind of reunion are we in for?

What We’d Love To See

Friends watching Friends: We’re talking Gogglebox Friends style. Imagine getting people who’d never seen Friends to watch the old eps and compare it to the new content. I would love to get Holly Dalton’s commentary on it.

Friends Podcast: Podcasts are massive these days. Hearing Ross yell ‘we were on a break’ (more than 10 years after he first said it) on the morning trip to work might just make my day.

BTS Doco Style: There has to be a tonne of behind the scenes footage floating around from the original filming that would just make the show even better. We reckon a doco style would be an A+ way to enjoy more of the Friends universe.

The More Likely Formats

Mini-Series: Jen did say to Ellen that a full series-long reboot was very unlikely (sad face). A couple of eps would have been a great way to catch up with the gang and see what they’re up to now. I mean, bingeing TV shows is just the way we do things now. But it doesn’t sound like a mini-series is on the cards.

Netflix Special: We’ve seen other hit TV shows getting Netflix movies recently (like Breaking Bad), could a Friends reunion flick be coming our way soon? Jen didn’t really let us on to much in her chat with Ellen but it did seem like a movie is the most likely form that we will get our long-awaited reunion.

It’s probably fair to say Friends was and still is one of the biggest shows on the planet and people are PUMPED for these rumours to be true.

Puth suggested doing some music for it and I can definitely get around that.

The last ep (The Last One Part 2) left us with the gang leaving Monica’s empty apartment and going on to the next part of their lives. Rachel got off the plane to Paris, Monica and Chandler got two babies even though they only ordered one, Phoebe was married to Mike, and Joey was just being his loveable self.

But we’d love to see how a few things turned out if the reunion movie goes ahead. Do Rachel and Ross stay together? Do they get married? I know he’s her lobster, but the whole being on a break thing caused a looot of troubles. How are Monica and Chandler’s twins? Does Phoebe have kids? DOES JOEY FIND LOVE?

Nothing has really been confirmed properly yet, which means we all have to wait in serious anticipation to find out.

Image source: The Ellen Show (NBC Studios)

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