5 Brissy Cocktail Bars You Need To Try

Sure there’s nothing like a fresh pour at the end of the week, but there’s some thirsts a frothy just can’t quench. Cocktails when mixed right are not just sugary sweet tickets to colourful vomit later on, but an experience to be savoured. Salt rimmed glasses, citrus adorned beverages and high quality spirits make for cocktails that will make you say yum upon the first sip. Whether it’s afterwork drinks or a celebration of sorts, these cocktail bars are Brissy’s best. And if the photos below are anything to go by, these cocktails are more photogenic than most, the artsy concoctions are as delicious as they look.

#1 Barbara

A newbie on the block with inimitable charm and a knack for creating a community vibe. At a bar you say? Well Barbara encourage the art of drink shouting, and when you’re bringing a mate or two what a wonderful way to drink. The Valley has gotten smarter thanks to the pours of this bunch, order the cocktail of the week whatever that may be and ask your kind bartender to tell you all about it. They’re a knowledgable sort and if you roll in of a weekday they still trade late, making for excellent bar side banter will you drink.

#2 The APO

A fanciful destination for enough wonderful cocktails to take you on a night long taste journey, never sipping at the same thing. The APO are masters of the mix, pouring Bloody Mary’s of a Sunday (just when you need them), a splice like Summer Negroni with floral flavours or an adults only Aperol popsicle. You will be truly spoiled for choice, but what a perfect excuse to make this your new regular stop.

#3 The Gresham 

New world flair with old world charm, the Gresham is an institution reborn with an artisan touch. Housed in a heritage listed hotel the bar sees drink mixing as an opportunity to create and with each creation you’ll be wowed. Whisky based wonders, bourbon made mixed, gin paired with lavender, fig and fennel brews, the possibilities are endless. The Gresham plays host to a number of tastings and events too, if you’re interested in deep diving into the world of spirits and sips. They’re even bringing the best bar in the world all the way from NYC for one night only. Artists of the mixing world, your after work tipple just got a whole lot tastier.

#4 Padre

A dive bar by name but a cocktail bar by it’s serves, Padre is a casual stop for those who like their drinks muddled to perfection. From Scotch and grapefruit bitters, a gin take on the Bloody Mary – a Bloody Miriam or the zing espresso All-Nighter, no matter your poison they’ve concocted something for you. Listen to smooth jazz or live music and sip like there’s no tomorrow.

#5 Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess

When a venue commits to having 120 gins on their menu, you know they’re passionate about the liquor. To pair with their menu of comfort food is an extensive list of innovative cocktails tapping into each gin’s notes to perfection. It’s a complimentary exercise, building a mixer and condiments based on the botanicals built into each gin but for a novice like myself it’s a wonder to discover. Like fresh raspberries paired with Pinkster gin or a flaming Werther’s Original creation made from passionfruit, caramel and fresh flame, you’ll be a gin expert in no time. Or upscale your drinking and take the bucket load, this share cocktail puts your pub jug to shame.

Image source: Barbara Bar, The APO, Padre Bar, The Gresham, Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess. 

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