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5 Cheap & Easy Group Ideas For The Long Weekend

There’s a long weekend coming up and thank god; more opportunities to have a mass of good times, while still having enough time to sleep. Not all of us are made of money, so finding things to do for the long weekend may seem like a struggle. But not all hope has to be lost though. As it turns out, there’s actually a fair bit we can do with our mates that are cheap as chips.

#1 Host A Cheap AF Dinner Party

Want to pay a minimal amount of dosh for a good time? This is the way to do it. The beauty of getting your mates around for dinner antics is that you all share the cost. Each of you can bring a cheap dish and bevvies of your choice, and you’re guaranteed to end up with leftovers. If you want to test how strong your friendships are, add some board games into the mix and see which one of you flips a table first.

#2 Trawl Through Free Events

If you want to take full advantage of those weekend vibes and leave the house, scour for your cheap local events. Each city always has something on that could tickle your fancies, so get digging and find one to go to. You could go see a gig, or take a gander around an exhibition at a gallery. You can all throw ideas around and spend your weekend doing what you’re all interested in. It’s not often that you’ll snag a Monday off, so make the most of it.

#3 Road Trip

There is something so great about a day trip with friends, especially when you all lead busy lives and need a break to catch up. Road trips are ideal for trying new places that are close by, so check out our favourites. Picnics with a nice view are absolutely ideal. And of course, let’s not forget the quality car tunes. Think adventurous long weekend without the city price tag.

#4 Find A Cheap House To Rent

The more of you there are, the cheaper your accommodation can be. And this can be ideal if you’re all keen to get away for the long weekend (who wouldn’t be?) Where you venture to is completely up to you, depending on what you’re into. You could venture to the wilderness or stay somewhere in the big smoke. Hell, you could go swimming if you’re bonkers enough and want to get hyperthermia. Or you could take a trip inland and have a cosy bon-fire with your buds. Either way, make sure you have the camera ready to capture the mems.

#5 Binge A Film Series

Crack out every single Harry Potter, or better yet Lord Of The Rings and host a huge movie marathon with your friends. Get the snacks flowing and snuggle down for a relaxing weekend watching your favourites in the comfort of your own home. Long weekends are precious so make the most of the time you have off by relaxing and catching up on some much needed chill time. Check out some of the new stuff on Netflix, or stick with the classics. You choose.

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