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5 Classic Films On Netflix To Make You Feel Like You’re Eight Again

If you’re in the mood for some serious nostalgia, unexpected sobbing and amazing characters, Netflix probably has the hook-ups. Nothing says ‘movie night’ quite like a couple great quality movies from the 90’s and 00’s to have you feelin’ like you’ve just turned eight.

#1 The Land Before Time

Get outta here, Jurassic Park. This is everyone’s REAL favourite dinosaur flick. A late 80’s classic with your fave little dino babies on a serious adventure. It’ll have you wishing you could get your hands on a delicious green treestar. If you’re into crying over dinosaur movies ‘Bambi-style’, I highly recommend this one. Major nostalgia, major emotions.

#2 Matilda

We’re still having nightmares about Miss Trunchbull’s chokey. We still really wanna eat that chocolate cake, and for some sadistic reason, we’re very keen to be spun around by our pigtails. You literally can’t forget about Matilda. We know you’ve tried turning your lights on and off with your mind because of it.

#3 Sharktale

Quite possibly the best cast in movie history whose characters actually look like them. Seriously, look it up. Killer soundtrack? Check. Great comedy you’d only now pick up on? Check. Nostalgia? Big time. Finding Nemo’s funnier older brother? Probably. 100% enjoyable.

#4 Anastasia

Arguably the best Disney Princess despite her not actually being from Disney. There’s cute boys, cute dogs, cute villain sidekicks and cute grandmothers. I’m not mentioning the actual villain…he ain’t cute. It’s based on a true story about the Russian royal family, the Romanovs, just way less violent and way more child-friendly. Old school favourite.

#5 Space Jam

Michael Jordan. Looney Tunes. Basketball. We saved this one for last. This movie is a big nostalgic ‘what the fuck’. Space Jam is a total classic that you couldn’t possibly NOT remember. Geniously pairing animation with real filming, Space Jam is unlike any film you’ve seen. Warner Brothers really went off on this one.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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