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5 Indoor Plants For The Forgetful And Lazy

Unlike me, these plants thrive on neglect.

House plants are all the rage right now, because they’re super cute and brighten up any room you put them in. Plus, since more and more of us Millenials and Gen Z want cute pets but just don’t often have the space or time for them, plants are a fun way to have something alive without having to worry about it running around or needing to shit.

The thing is though – plants can be super hard to care for. You miss watering them ONCE, and suddenly the thing’s shrivelled up and miserable looking. Or maybe it wasn’t once. When’s the last time you watered it again? Oops.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Don’t have a single green thumb but still want cute AF house plants to pick up your mood? It’s all good – here’s 5 plants that will totally thrive on your neglect.

#1 Pothos

Okay, you’ve def seen this plant literally everywhere. It’s in every trendy cafe, it’s in the waiting rooms of your local GP, it’s even in like all the Lush stores I’ve visited. You know why? Because it’s the easiest plant to grow, ever. The thing doesn’t even need sunlight, so you can have it in your dark dorm room if need be, or pretty much anywhere. This plant will survive anything – I once didn’t water mine for 3 weeks before I noticed it was starting to look a bit droopy. Plus, you can take a cutting and stick it in a glass of water and it’ll literally grow into a whole new plant. You don’t even need to move it back into soil. Basically, pothos is badass AF.

#2 Jade


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The jade plant is probably even harder to kill than pothos. I found a broken part of one in my drive way, stuck it in a jam jar of dirt, and it’s been happily leaving on my windowsill from the two years since. I think I’ve watered it like, probably 5 times in those two years. It stores what minimal water it needs in it’s fat fleshy leaves, and then it’s good to go. You can steal a little bit of someone else’s and stick it in your own pot to grow, or you can buy one. It’ll occupy whatever space you give it – my one on the windowsill has lived in the jam jar since I found it, but I’ve got a huge one outside that’s bigger than my cat (because I gave it a big pot). Plus, the leaves turn a pretty red when they get heaps of sunlight. She’s versatile AF.

#3 Peace Lily


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Keeping a regular plant alive is hard enough, but one with flowers? Usually you’d just forget it, but the peace lily will give you the best of both worlds. It’s lush and leafy and barely needs any care, but it also has pretty white flowers so you can feel sophisticated and like you’ve actually done something for her. You’ve probably seen the peace lily in a Westfield at some point – IDK why but they’re always there. Plus, peace lily’s are actually really great for air purification, so pop one in the bathroom for some fresh air and good wind down time.

#4 Aloe Vera

This plant literally thrives on dehydration. You only water it like every 2-3 weeks, so at this point you SHOULD forget it exists. Plus, it’s bright green and spiky and a great addition to any table-top. And on top of that, you can chop a bit off to use when you get a sun burn or wanna do some elaborate skin care to distract you from your life’s failures. Amazing.

#5 Rubber Plant


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This plant is cool AF, it goes dark red in sunlight and bright green in low light – which means you can have it in basically any light condition. Plus, it likes to dry out between watering so you don’t need to worry if you forget about it for a bit. And look at how fancy she looks? It’s an easy way to make your room look sophisticated and like you actually have your life together.

Image Sources: Pexels, Instagram @still_______, @houseplantscollective, @foliage_fixation

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