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5 Reasons To Ditch The 5 Year Plan

“So, where do you see yourself in five years?”

This question often becomes an unwanted catalyst for a spectrum of emotions that often leaves many of us feeling more confused than ever. Thanks to the generational differences of our parents, many of them whom have often kept with the same career their entire lives, this implanted idealised notion leaves us feeling pressured. Unfortunately we are left feeling like we have to have everything mapped out. Exact goals and career ambitions lined up so we can tick them off like a check list. The reality is, in our ever evolving society, opportunities now arise from uncertainty. On this note, here are a few ways to stop the stress and ditch that ridiculous, concrete five year plan.

#1 Don’t Limit Yourself

So we can’t deny that some of us find security from a five year plan. It can be an extreme source of comfort in planning out what you want to achieve in life, and heck there is no reason why you should shutter at having your future career plan in motion. In saying this, it shouldn’t make those who are batting their eyelids at this concept feel inadequate. In fact, those of you that have not a clue of where you’ll be in five years enable you to grab every opportunity, without the fear of deviating from a strict plan. Instead of limiting opportunities, make free positive decisions in which can lead to a greater fulfilling career prospect, greater than preciously imagined.

#2 Failure Is Only A Mindset

Ah yes, the devil word to many, failure. Making mistakes or bad decisions within your work or uni life should truly not be seen as the end of the world. Despite the fact that you may have a certain plan and goals you are striving to meet, a little roadblock should be seen as no more than that. No matter what is thrown your way, remember that each experience is something you can learn from. It might be a failed uni subject that sets your degree back, a missed job opportunity or even a failed relationship. Remember that all of these incidents will simply re-

#3 Some Of The Best Opportunities Come From Unplanned Experiences

Although you were probably bombarded with the contrary during those high school days, many positive opportunities can arise within your formative years post schooling. You could have been set on studying a double degree, only to realise an apprentice is much more realistic for your field of work. Diverting from your five year plan can instead lead you to making more informed decisions regarding your future.

#4 Things Change And So Do You

The world is constantly changing and evolving, and with that change comes new career opportunities, new approaches to long term relationships and even new technological advances that could leave your proposed career nonexistent. Remember that not only will the world change but so will you. Life experiences will change your mindset and goals as time progresses, so avoid boxing yourself in.

#5 You Have The Ability To Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To

So whether you have your five year goals mapped out to a tee or you are not even close to having a clue what you’ll be doing tomorrow, remember, you don’t need to have everything figured out. With applied dedication and perseverance you can overcome anything thrown in your way. And if you can’t cope, that’s cool too. Just know that whatever path you choose to take (as clichéd as it is) it hasn’t been paved yet. Know that the future will one day become the present, so among all the planning or lack of planning, don’t forget to work hard and enjoy the now.

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