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A Mini Friends Reunion Just Happened on Ellen And We’re Cryin’

I’m gonna go ahead and address the sad reality we’ve all been adjusting to for a number of years now, that there’s a Chandler/Joey/Rachel/Phoebe/Ross/Monica shaped hole in all our hearts. They will continue living on in the digital world of our streaming devices but sadly our Friends have moved on from the Central Perk days. Well, until yesterday.

In a purely nostalgia-inducing show yesterday Ellen recreated the iconic Central Perk set, decking it out with all our favs including both Monica and Phoebe, themselves, in the damn flesh. It was admittedly a hard to handle teaser as it was so incredibly close to being a long-awaited Friends reunion, but we can’t complain that Ellen managed to get 2 out of the 6 back together on the couch right?

The one-quarter,  mini reunion unfortunately wasn’t to announce another season (cry), but it was to hype up Courteney Cox’s new docuseries 9 Months with Courteney Cox that premiered on Facebook Watch last week. Phoebe and Monica cosy-ed up next to Ellen on the iconic orange couch in the pop-up set, serving as the most fitting backdrop to what would also be Courteney’s first Insta post on her brand new Insta profile – welcome darl but, where have ya been?


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As far as the rest of the crew goes, we’re still countin’ down the days until the orange couch features a few more of our Friends. Until then, back to the marathons and shameless re-runs.

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