Ben And Jerry’s Are Treating You To Free Scoops To #StopAdani

Caring for the environment may seem like an un-winnable battle, but if anyone can stop the use of fossil fuels and coal usage it’s us. Not alone of course but standing together, although George Christensen’s individual boycott of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is noble (we know how much he must love ice cream), it is not the actions of a single ice cream slicker that will enact change. The state of the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder on the brink of no return, stripped of all it’s glittering colour by the callous actions of the environmentally unaware; stands to be decimated even further. Truly bleached as bro, but it’s nothing to laugh about.

Thanks to the construction of Adani, a coal mine expected to start in August, the mining and burning of that coal will generate an estimated 4.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions added onto Australia’s energy footprint. Despite the Paris agreement, the federal government and the state government are good to go; but the folks over at Ben and Jerry’s aren’t and neither should you. The mine is expected to produce around 60 million tonnes of coal a year for 60 years, a destructive institution for years to come.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown noted in The Guardian that the Adani mine was this generation’s Franklin River dam, an environmentally awful project proposed in Tasmania halted by initiatives and protests of people in 1982. To add to the controversy Brown references a staggering poll of the local community with 64.1% against the coal mine, despite it’s confirmed public funding. To add controversial fuel to the fire those polled also agreed that consent from the Aboriginal community deserved to be sought before construction started, given the mine sits on Indigenous land.

While Greenpeace’s analysis of the project found the deal and federal government’s support and funding of the project to be ill founded. Given the government has committed $1 billion in funding, the jobs created would work out to cost the government $683,000 for each job generated; and you can bet each miner is not banking that much.

So if you enjoy the technicolour beauty of this fine nation of ours, jump aboard the #StopAdani train and make your concerns heard. The #StopAdani Roadshow will be rolling around Australia from Brisbane to Melbourne, with a bevy of scoops for those committed to saving our dazzling landscape. Scooping ice cream not coal sure sounds like the tastiest and savviest option out.

So grab a scoop on 28th March in Brisbane, 29th March in Sydney, 30th March in Canberra or 31st March in Melbourne. Visit Ben and Jerry’s for more info thanks to the eco-legends at 350 Org and sign your name on the dotted line in protest.

Image source: Concrete Playground.

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