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Bindi Irwin Just Got Engaged And I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Okay, maybe I am crying. But it’s just so sweet.

National treasure Steve Irwin is the single uniting factor in Aussie culture, and if there’s one thing we can all relate on it’s the collective love and grief for him and his family. Now his daughter, Aussie icon and wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin just got engaged, and it’s so precious and sweet. I will literally die protecting Bindi Irwin.

Bindi Australia’s sweetheart, so of course, we’re all super invested in the Irwin family. TBH, they’re our family. Get  the tissues out, because you aren’t ready for this cuteness. She got engaged to her long term bae Chandler Powell on her 21st birthday, and their love for each other is so real.

They’ve been together for like, nearly 6 years, and it was totally that love-at-first-sight stuff you see in movies but never believe. Mostly because every person you accidentally make eye contact with is usually not an ideal candidate for love.

The Bindi/Chandler Love Story

Bindi and Chandler’s budding romance was public from the beginning as we watched it on their reality TV show. Which honestly just makes me even more teary. I watched these babies grow into their relo. 😭

They met in 2013 when Chandler was visiting the zoo and they were both wee babies. She was only around 15 when they got together. They’ve literally described it as “love at first sight”, though they didn’t date immediately. He didn’t even ask her for her number – he asked Terry for permission to court Bindi first. Like, is this a historical fiction romance? They’ve been happy together ever since, and now for the rest of their lives.

Although, did anyone else not realise how young Bindi is? She got engaged for her 21st. For my 21st, I’m getting a HECS debt.

But still, I’m so glad Bindi got to have this, and watching them be happy is getting me all choked up. I can feel their warmth for each other radiating out of my screen and giving me a tan. Where can I find this wholesomeness please?

 Image Sources: Twitter @chandlerpowell9, @BindiIrwin, Bindi Irwin Facebook Page. 

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