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The Bloody Legends At Australian Lamb Just Released Their Summer Ad And It’s A Ripper

There are a few things about Australian summer that we can always rely on. 1. It’ll be hot as balls, 2. You’ll either end up sunburnt, covered in mozzie bites or both, and 3. Australian Lamb will release a new add that’ll make the nation share a collective chuckle. Well, the day has finally come, and this year we’re inviting our mates across the pond to join in on the fun.

Opening on the ultimate flashback, the ad features a little bit of history. Sir Edmund Barton (Australia’s first PM) breaks down the states and territories, and reveals that an offer was made to NZ to be a state of Australia. No spoilers here when I tell you that that offer was never accepted. Fast forward to 2019, and Australian politics has fallen to shit, so our pollies decide to re open that offer. What better way to encourage togetherness than with a good old lamb barbie?

It’s a bit of fun for your Monday, and sure to give you a chuckle. Plus, the overarching theme is one of sharing, unity and togetherness. Which I think is something we could all do with a little more of.

You can catch the full video below, and enjoy in the time honoured tradition of taking the piss out of ourselves. After all, the world would be a better place if we spent more time at pool floatie barbies.

Image Source: Australian Lamb Youtube

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