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Bluesfest Is Threatening To Move Out Of Byron, All Thanks To Gladys

It seems these days like Bluesfest is one of the last remaining festivals that actually exists in NSW, thanks to premier Gladys Berejiklian, who has made it her goal to remove all fun from the state. The director of Bluesfest is now making threats to remove the festival from the state in order to survive.

In a letter posted to The Industry Observer, Bluesfest director, Peter Noble, has gone full anti-Gladys to express his utter disappointment in the running of the state and newest policies soon to be introduced.

“Bluesfest may well be celebrating our last festival in NSW should the sitting NSW Government proceed with its plans with its policies.”

Explained by Noble, Bluesfest has become a ‘high-risk event’ despite its constant success over the years. The policy introduced by Premier Berejiklian has a detrimental effect on the running of Bluesfest. From a liquor license denial, to hundreds of thousands of dollars spent elsewhere, it’s highly likely that the policies are going to run every single remaining festival into the ground.

“I charge the Government with a systemic failure in fairness here…we, like most events in this State, supply a significant level of culture – we don’t receive a cent from government even though we cause thousands of people to be employed – and bring tens of millions of dollars into NSW through Tourism.”

Peter Noble asks the big question which seems to be on every NSW resident’s mind.

“Why do you seem to be hell-bent on destroying our industry?”

A huge question that seems to be completely dismissed by Gladys Berejiklian and other politicians deciding the fate of our state. Peter Noble comes to a conclusion in the letter that Bluesfest is better off somewhere else, not because he wants to, but because it’s the only way the festival will survive.

“I am saying now, Bluesfest will leave NSW. We have no choice it’s a matter of survival. Will the last festival to leave NSW please turn out the light of culture in this soon to be barren state?”

It’s a common theme these days, following the cancellation of Mountain Sounds festival due to strict policies. The NSW government is sucking the state dry of all enjoyable activities for youth, starting with Mike Baird’s infamous lockout laws.

The upcoming election gives voters the chance to elect a new premier. Hopefully one with a bit of common sense and a fun bone in their body. The next election is on March 23rd this year.

You can read the full letter by Peter Noble here.

Image Credit: Dane Beesley

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