Kacey Says “I’m Not F*ing Drinking Out Of Your Shoe”, So Stop Pressuring Her

Kacey Musgraves was in town last night and I had the absolute privilege of basking in her Golden Texas glow.

The night was going along splendidly, the Kacey and her Spacey band were delivering all the contemporary twang of her multi-Grammy Award-winning Album of the Year, ‘Golden Hour’ and more to a sold-out Enmore Theatre crowd.

She crooned her way through ‘Slow Burn’, got us grooving through ‘Wonder Woman’, we belted out ‘Happy and Sad’, had a country jam with her old favourites ‘High Time’ and ‘Merry Go ‘Round’, before winding it down to an acoustic rendition of ‘Oh, What A World‘.

We were having a great time. There were smiles all around. Until…

A shoe shot up from the crowd. It was a cute white boot, gripped by a hand on its thick little heel. A voice called out from beneath the sole:

“Do a shoey!”

I could’ve died.

I mean, immediately I laughed, and so did the rest of the crowd, but dread and embarrassment quickly washed over me as more people shouted pressure on the artist – whom we had paid to see sing (not drink from a boot) – to drink from a boot.

Check out this video to see how it went down:

Kacey says “No”, and so does Twitter

Kacey stood firm on her gleaming gold patent platform heels to deny the demands – and every variation of them: “drink from my shoe”, “any shoe”, “your shoe”, “their [her band’s] shoe”.

Someone even yelled “use the hat” (but, sweetie, do you realise that’s not a ‘shoe’??)

A few fans were not happy about the exchange, either:

Same, girl, same.

Post keeps up his tradition, but I still gag.

Just days before, Post Malone was in town entertaining thousands in back-to-back-to-back stadium shows and apparently, it’s some sort of “tradition” of his to complete a quick mid-show shoey.

Nope. I gag.

Like, shoes after a day at work are rank, let alone after running around a stage for hours during a concert. Oh god, I feel sick.

Please, Stop Demanding Shoeys

Look, if Post wants to do shoeys at his concerts, that’s his prerogative, I won’t (and can’t) stop him.

I can’t even be mad at the guy, because he’s the kind you’d find in the backyard of a house party, kneeling, shirt off and downing a sneaker of VB (ew).

But, please, can we stop demanding shoeys from every artist that comes to Australia? Or better yet, can we please not keep pressuring them when they say ‘no’. Have we learned nothing about consent?

There are so many reasons why Kacey (and other artists, for that matter) will never do a shoey, here’s a few:

They’re nasty

Have you ever sniffed a freshly removed shoe? It’s rank. Now imagine pouring a drink (that you were enjoying) in there, shoving your nose right by the sole and taking some big gulps to guzzle the whole drink? Nauseous yet?

They’re seriously gross

Kacey, in this case, was feeling sick. If she drank from a shoe, for all we know she could end up with the plague. And I really don’t want to be held accountable for that.

Look at their footwear

She was not wearing boots. She was wearing strappy heels. The only alternative was to drink from someone else’s boot. Which leads me to…

Drinking from someone else’s [in this case, a stranger’s] boot? Gross.

As Kacey said: “you could have athlete’s foot or something.”

You’re a fan, you should know the artist.

Read the room. Is this the kind of person, or the kind of concert, where a shoey seems logical? If not just keep filming their performance for the ‘gram, sing along, and don’t start chanting “do it”.

Is this the thing you want Kacey to remember us by? The crowd that wanted her to drink from a sweaty, musky boot?

Kacey, among other artists, flew halfway across the world to perform for us, so we should let them do just that.

Stop derailing concerts for the sake of ‘lols’ by pressuring an artist to suck down beverage mixed with sock lint. I paid to hear one of my favourite artists sing her songs, not your demands.

Now, kindly, put your boots back on and let the woman sing.

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