Charlie Puth Forgetting To Make His Bed Before His Together At Home Performance Is All Of Us

It looks like he tried, but the way you try when you hear someone coming to your room.

I never thought I would be able to relate to Charlie Puth so deeply, but here I am, staring at his unmade bed while he FaceTimes the world.

The American singer made his appearance during Global Citizen’s One World: Together at Home event to sing ‘See You Again’ to billions of listeners. And though he may have sent us into emotional hysterics – that piano gets me every damn time – not even blurry vision could stop us from admiring his unmade bed.

What a vibe.

While other celebrities streamed in from their very spacious, very luxe, and very tidy mansions, studios and music rooms, Charlie joined us from the comfort of his bedroom. His very, very comfortable looking bedroom.

Looking, might I add, like he genuinely just rolled out of that bed and jumped on camera – just like we all do for our Zoom classes – 2 minutes before he was due to be on-camera. And that’s the most relatable thing a celebrity has done throughout this entire pandemic. Or, perhaps, ever.

Charlie took to Twitter after his performance to address the situation.

But it was too late, the internet was off and rolling – whether they were applauding Charlie for being so damn relatable, or theorising about the smell that would waft through the room.

But, tbh, it looks like he might’ve tried to make his bed. But the kind of bed-making where you toss everything onto your bed when you hear someone coming to your door. It’s not neat, it’s more of a quick get everything on and looking somewhat together. We’ve all been there. Pretty sure my bed’s an exact replica right now.

All hail Charlie Puth, every-man.

Image Sources: Twitter (@KalhanR)

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