Closed Or Open? Here’s Your Cheat-Sheet To How Aussie Unis Are Responding To COVID-19

Here’s the latest on which unis are closed.

The world seems to be going a little bonkers as coronavirus consumes our every thought. And sometimes it can be hard to wade through all the information. Besides, who wants to go wading through uni emails or university websites? We don’t have the patience for that. Netflix won’t wait.

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the digging for you, so bring a comprehensive AF cheat-sheet on a bunch of Aussie Unis’ responses to COVID-19. All you’ve gotta do is find yours in the list and find out if school’s in or out (scream and shout).

Don’t see your university/college on this list? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to add it to the list.

This list was last updated on Monday 23 March, 10:00 (AEDT).

University of Sydney

STATUS: Closed

The University confirmed last week that as of March 23, all classes (or as many as possible) will be conducted online. Campus still open and safe, but no face-to-face classes will be going on. Students should still check their emails for details about practical classes and labs, but the rest of you get to lap up the Zoom experience.

University of New South Wales

STATUS: Closed

As of Friday (20 March), all in-person classes were called off. Students have been singing hallelujah, until they were reminded of the fresh hell that is tutorial discussion boards and mass-group video chats.

University of Technology, Sydney

STATUS: On-pause?

At this time, UTS have decided to “pause all coursework teaching … until Tuesday 24 March”. This will, hopefully, give them the time to “redesign face-to-face delivery modes” for everyone’s safety, and still give them time to catch-up at the end of the semester. At the moment, teaching will resume on Tuesday.

University of Wollongong

STATUS: Open – but going online…

Alright, so there’s a few levels to the ‘Gong’s strategy. They’re bringing their Autumn mid-session break up to Monday 23 March (yay). And classes will kick-off “in remote delivery mode from 6 April”. Naturally, graduations have been canned, but you’ll still get your testamur in the mail and celebrations will be sorted soon enough.

Macquarie University

STATUS: On-pause

Bless Macquarie. After social distancing couldn’t stop a student getting frisky in a lecture (busted)*, the uni has decided to move toward online teaching. All face-to-face and online teaching is paused while the Uni preps for the full transition. Teaching will resume on Monday 30 March.

The Easter break (13 April – 26 April) is now part of the normal study period, and non-essential uni events held from now until 18 April are off. Also, the Census Date has been extended from 19 March to 3 April.

*the lecture thing probably has nothing to do with the campus-wide pause.

Monash University

STATUS: Open but kinda online.

The show goes on at Monash – at least that’s what I’m getting from the website. Face-to-face lectures and seminars are still on, but with social distancing. So get in quick to snag a seat, or retreat to your bedroom bunker and watch them online. Also, all practicals, workshops, studios, and labs on-campus are going to commence online from Monday 23 March.

University of Melbourne

STATUS: In-transition mid-break.

All face-to-face lectures and classes with more than 500 students (how do you get that many in a theatre?) are going online. Other face-to-face tutes and small classes are moving teaching to online study. Mid-sem is being extended, so you lucky UMelb folks are getting time off from Monday 6 April to Sunday 19 April.

Australian National University

STATUS: On-pause

ANU is hitting pause on all teaching from Monday 23 March for one week. They’ll be using the time to plan the coming study months. But just because teaching is on break, doesn’t mean the learning is. Classes resume on Monday 30 March, with the two-week mid-sem break going ahead as-planned, and an extra week being added to the semester.

University of Canberra

STATUS: Going online, in phases.

Depending on your faculty, you’ll be moving online in phases. It’s critical that students keep an eye on their emails for direct contact and information from their faculty regarding transition dates, assessment and exam changes, teaching environments and capabilities. The long and the short is: it’s happening, but in waves.

University of Queensland

STATUS: All. Classes. Online.

UQ has moved all teaching activities online from Monday 23 March 2020. And whilst campuses remain open and operational – including staffed libraries, study spaces, and eating areas – face-to-face classes are not on.

All imminent university travel to any country outside Australia must be cancelled or deferred, no matter when the travel was booked. Sad. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Queensland University of Technology

STATUS: Lectures online, tutes paused, placements continue

There’s a few things from our Queensland friends. From Monday 23 March: all lectures will be online; all tutes, pracs, and other small-classes are paused (unless otherwise advised); and student placements and internships will continue (unless otherwise advised).

The mid-sem break will be extended by one week (Friday 3 April to Monday 20 April), giving enough space for classes to move online or be supplemented by small group activities. The semester is planned to be done and dusted by Friday 29 May 2020.

Southern Cross University

STATUS: All teaching online.

Just like, basically, everyone else: SCU is going online. All teaching will convert to online mode by Monday 23 March. Timetables won’t change, and classes will be held online at the same time as face-to-face classes. Placements and internships will continue as planned. And if you need to get out of the house to study, the Library and other campus facilities will remain available, but with social distancing an hygiene practices in place.

Griffith University

STATUS: Going online.

All classes with over 100 people were suspended and are being transitions to remote/online learning. But on-campus facilities will remain open, with social distancing and hygiene practices in place. If classes can’t be moved into the digital sphere, students will be contacted directly. Keep an eye on your emails, folks.

University of Western Australia

STATUS: Open, but delivering a “blended learning model”

It might feel like the other side of the world, but our friends over at UWA are gonna get a shout out. As of Monday 23 March, all lectures are available online. No in-class attendance is required (but campus is still open). Tutes and (where possible) pracs will be moved online. But students need to look for information from their Unit Coordinators. What can’t go online will continue to be delivered in-person, using social distancing and hygiene practices.

Curtin University

STATUS: Online + “tuition-free week”

All lectures are available online, and the other modes of learning are following suit. Their Census date has changed from Friday 20 March to Friday 3 April, so students have more time to withdraw without financial penalty.

Plus, Curtin’s giving it’s Perth Campus a “tuition-free week” from Monday 23 March to 27 March to “give students and staff time to adjust to our move to online delivery”.

University of Adelaide

STATUS: Open? Sort of?

Classes are continuing, and online options are becoming available for students who don’t want to / can’t attend campus. But from Monday 23 March, all lectures are being delivered online. For those that are not online, measures are being taken to give students access. Tutorials, on the other hand, are moving online slowly but surely – they will all be available online from Monday 30 March. 

Classes will continue face-to-face, if students wish to attend (with social-distancing measures), but everything will eventually be online.

University of South Australia

STATUS: Going online

UniSA is gearing up for a transition to online learning as of Monday 23 March. Any face-to-face teaching, learning, or research environments are implementing social-distancing measures. Again, students should keep their eyes peeled for contact from their lecturers – it’s likely the transition is almost complete.

University of Tasmania

STATUS: Kinda-open? Kinda-closed? Going online?

Lmao, don’t forget about our overseas-ish pals in Tassie.

The University is currently in the process of transitioning to online learning and working from home. Shared facilities on-campus are still safe to use, but have amended trading-hours for on-campus cafe’s, bars, and shops.

That’s it for now. Stay sanitised, stay safe, stay positive, team!

Image Sources: Unsplash (Victoria Heath)

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