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Danny Lim AKA Sydney’s Favourite Sign Holding Legend, Manhandled And Arrested By NSW Cops

In a sight you simply just wont believe, NSW Cops have (pretty brutally) arrested Sydney local legend and sign-holder extraordinaire, Danny Lim, outside Barangaroo today. Posted by a local onlooker, the video see NSW Police used some extensive force to restrain and cuff Lim.

If you live in Sydney, or even have visited, there’s a good chance you’ve seen our this legend in key public areas with his dog, wearing peace-driven and sometimes a tad politically-controversial signs. But you know it’s all in good fun, and a more harmless person there could not be. So the below viewing could be a bit tough to watch. The video has nearly 150,000 views at time of publishing and will no doubt go pretty viral.

According to the interwebs, Twitter user @giuliocc is responsible for the police action tweeting out earlier today about a “crazy Asian guy”. Fair to say he has back-pedalled quicker than Kevin Spacey at a press conference, deleting multiple social accounts and making his Twitter account now private (aka How To Lose Your Job 101).

Either way, the above footage is both tragic and another red flag for excessive policing in a city and state that continues to sit on the brink of public outrage against the cops.

Image Source: Twitter

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