All Of The Dating Dilemmas We’ve Experienced In Our 20s

Dating in our 20s certainly has to be one of the most tumultuous experiences of this decade of life. For many of us that are not in a long term committed relationship, finding companionship is comparable to going to job interview after job interview, exhausting. We’re bound to encounter an eclectic mix of people (that’s just being polite), we’ve been stood up (at least once) or lost for conversation on a first date. No matter what dating dilemma we’ve encountered, we hold the comfort in the fact that most of us have experienced that dilemma. That surely counts as a first date conversation stater, right?

They Look Nothing Like Their Tinder Profile

The good old dating app is where we seem to find most of our love interests these days. Cause who’s got the time to actually find someone in the real world. Surely one of the most disappointing things about heading on a date with someone you’ve connected with online, is that they look nothing like their alluring profile pic. Sure, a few minor differences are fine, but when you’re expecting Prince Harry and your get Prince Charles… please explain?!

You’ve Been Serial Ghosted

You’ve embarked on a few dates, you thought you clicked, only to text them a few times and dead silence.However, you hit the point in your dating relationship to have said person on all forms of social media. And despite not being able to follow up with a fifth date, they are able to like your new FB picture and your Instagram post. Take this as a sign and delete that person from your life ASAP.

You’ve Been Stuck In Limbo

“What are we? Like seriously, are we f*ck buddies or do you wanna make this official?” Our 20s seems to be a period for many of us to have a little fun and give serious relationships the middle finger. But whether you’ve been the attached or the detached, you have most definitely been in limbo with someone at least once.

You’ve Taken The ‘Parent Role’ Too Early On

There is a reason you didn’t make it past the two month anniversary. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that their 20s is a period of maturing into somewhat of an adult. Even more unfortunately, many of us have been trapped into a dating saga that has left you feeling more like a parent than a love interest. If you’ve found yourself constantly cooking someones dinner, cleaning their place or paying for all their sh*t, well you’ve already lived ‘with child’.

First Date Duds

If you haven’t had an absolute failure of a first date have you even lived a day in your 20s? Boring conversation, awkward encounters, money miscommunication. Whatever the failure was, we can all bond over the fact that first dates are often super unpleasant. So if you’ve made it to multiple second dates, kudos to you my friend.

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