Don’t Stress But A Huge Landslide Has Blocked The Road To Thredbo

Don’t cancel your plans to hit the slopes just yet

This icy winter weather doesn’t make much sense without snow. So it’s only logical that you’d want to head to the slopes where the scenery actually matches the air temperature.

But, if you’re heading anywhere near Thredbo (like I wish I was), watch out for landslides like the one that’s just blocked one of the roads into the resort.

If you wanted to take the less-travelled western side of the mountains, you’re out of luck. There’s been a large landslip on the Alpine Way near Khancoban (a town of 280 people – so if you’re halfway there on this road, you might want to call in for a hot cup of Milo and to re-think your route).

At the minute, authorities are urging travellers to avoid the area as they don’t have an idea when the road will be re-open.

It’s a sign that if you’re heading to the slopes (like I wish I was), to take the extra safety precautions in this icy weather. For some, the slip is reminiscent of the collapse of a road embankment on the Alpine Way just before the 1997 Thredbo disaster that killed 18 people when two lodges were destroyed.

But if that freaks you out, don’t stress, the road above Thredbo’s been reinforced since then, and today’s slip up has no relation to it – it’s about 70kms from the village.

Maybe the best news of all is that you can still definitely drive straight through to Thredbo via the most popular, eastern route near Jindabyne.

The ski weekend is still on!

Image source: @nswpolice Twitter

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