Elton John Confirms More Aussie Concerts Making For A Whoppin’ 32 Shows

He really is still standing.

It’s going to be a long long time that Elton John is in Australia.

The Rocketman himself has announced he will play 6 more Aussie Concerts, capping off his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. This entails Elton John will play 32 concerts through November to March in Australia alone.

The extra shows will rock in Sydney, Geelong, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Townsville, and Sunshine Coast. These shows, of course, are in addition to all the concerts he’s already set to play down under, which was already a lot. However, it’s Elton John’s last tour in Australia, and you know he’s not one to shy away from going big before going home. Some might say he’s not one to easily hide. 

He’s already sold out seemingly too many concerts to count thus far here in Australia. So, we’re lucky that he’s gracing us with more. Seriously, if you’re interested in seeing him hop on it, get them tickets. They cannot be around for much longer. Elton John is riding a massive fame wave, and of course doing so in epic style.

All these Aussie tours don’t even count his time in Kiwi territory. He will also be playing six concerts in New Zealand, which means Elton John will play 38 shows total between Australia and New Zealand. What a fucking treat!  If you can’t make an Aussie concert, grab your blue jean babies and spend a long weekend in New Zealand. Your boss will understand.

Kicking off in The US, Elton John began his farewell tour last September. However, his farewells extend to five continents, running until 2021. Seriously this man is incredible.

“After the tour finishes, I’m very much looking forward to closing off that chapter of my life by saying farewell to life on the road. I need to dedicate more time to raising my children,” said Elton John. How sweet.

On top of a world tour, Rocketman currently out in theatre’s is receiving some serious hype. So, it’s no wonder the Elton John fever is at max capacity (as if it hasn’t been since the 70’s).

You know you’re an epic star when there’s a movie made about you, and you’re still fucking alive. At the very least, if you can’t make his concert, go see his movie. People are raving about it.

Elton John has proved time and time again, he ain’t no candle in the wind. I mean, seriously, 32 concerts is a lot of bloody concerts. Snatch up your tickets in a hurry mates.

Image Source: GIPHY, Elton John’s Facebook

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