Harry Potter Inspired Candles Exist, And Christmas Can’t Come Sooner

If you’re telling me you don’t like candles, you’re lying. Nothing will ever suffice like a flickering flame and the welcoming smell of your choice. Candles can literally fix any mood, or even set a mood  . What’s even better than a candle? Well, glad you asked. Harry Potter candles exist, and they’re here just in time to put them on your wish list.

First And Foremost

THIS candle is no regular candle. This is some wizardry if ever I’ve seen it. This beauty starts off white, and as it burns, reveals what house you belong in! What’s better? You can either get a ‘surprise me’ option, which gives you a mystery candle, OR you can choose what house you want.

Chocaholics, Rejoice

Okay okay, okay, I’m going to be 100% honest here. I may have salivated when I read about this one. Yes, getting your hands on a box of jumping chocolate frogs might be impossible, but damn this is a pretty good alternative.  What’s even better? This baby is hand poured and 100% vegan PLUS it has a reusable jar when you’re done.

Hermione’s Amortentia

Turns out Hermione wasn’t smelling the cauldron in the Half Blood Prince, she just didn’t want to admit to herself that she was in love with Ron. This baby is made up of Sandalwood, White Tea and Ginger, Bamboo and Peppermint. Not only does it smell good, but peppermint will help clear up your nose and promote blood flow in the brain – your perfect study companion.

Expecto Patronum

I mean… This one basically sells itself, but what’s more is that you’ll get 45-65 hours burn time with this baby, and BOY do we want it. There are 27 scents to choose from, so get onto it, you muggles.

Mrs Weasley’s Christmas Jumper

Is there anything that screams cosy warm house more than Mrs. Weasley’s Christmas Jumper? I think not. This soul-warming beauty is handmade to order, so get your orders in ASAP to (hopefully) receive one for Christmas.

Image Source: Warner Bros Pictures.

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