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Hold The Door: A Hodor Door Stop Is Here To Make You Sad

With the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones just around the corner, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of related merch. And the latest one to catch our eyes is a particularly cruel and triggering one indeed.

Primark in the UK has recently unveiled a new doorstop to their home collection. The artistic dark wood and metal doorstop would make the perfect and stylish addition to any GoT loving home. However, there is a catch. Prepare for any diehard fans who come across this particular item to cry out in anguish.

The doorstop in question features a metal plate with the name “Hodor” printed on it, and engraved down the side the iconic quote “Hold The Door”.

At just £4, the doorstop is readily available to torment your friends with. But only if you live in the UK.


I guess us Australians will just have to live with our sorrow and continue to mourn our fallen hero. Here’s to Hodor — may every door he come across in death be forever open.

Image source: HBO, Primark

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