This Brand Of Hummus The Unlikely Victim Of The #MeToo Movement

Whether it’s dolloped on a falafel or it’s sitting gracefully on our supermarket shelves in all its 5 litre glory, we love hummus. Hummus producers around the world should revel in joy as our love for the humble old chickpea won’t be fading anytime soon, meaning big business and big bucks for them.

But for the brand Metoo! the future in hummus isn’t looking so bright. They’re a British, family-owned food company specialising in vegetarian foods than in 2017 noticed a sudden drop in sales across all their products. A sudden and collective dislike for hummus wasn’t to blame (obvs), but initially they fears it was due to the chickpea shortage we all suffered terribly in 2018. Yet when chickpea prices returned to normal (phew), it was obvious something else was to blame.

The metoo! brand name rose from humble beginnings, from an inside joke among the founder’s family when their youngest child would cry ‘me too!’ to be included in family games. But with #metoo now intrinsically bound to the fight for gender equality and women’s rights, the hummus producer has opted to call fair game and replace their name with something a little more marketable and a little less controversial.


Image Source: Cooking NY Times

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