#IDontLikeScottMorrison Is Trending And Peeps Are Going To Town On Him

Politics in Australia is a really sophisticated situation at the moment. The lead up to the Federal election is prompting the usual pre-election rigmarole we’re all used to seeing. We’ve witnessed Get-Up’s vid of Tony Abbott chewing on a brown onion in his budgies –fast slammed for totally missing the mark (wow, who woulda thought?).

We’ve also been subject to numerous scare campaigns featuring the nail-bitingly scary sepia filters, overly generic and scare-inducing soundtracks, and really frightening messages in red capital letters. It’s all really scary, really authentic and super effective.

Lately though, Aussies are fed up with letting their voices go unheard. Pollies just aren’t listening and we don’t know how else to communicate. In light of such a predicament, we’ve resorted to the basics…and when I say basic, I mean real basic. Cue #IDontLikeScottMorrison. It really embodies the less is more mentality and Twitter is currently experiencing a whole firestorm of whinging Aussies outlining all the reasons why they…you get my drift.

An Ode To Scomo

To Heck With Scomo’s Smirk

It’s Nothing Personal But…

Essentially, it’s just another day in Aussie politics. It’s really dignified and super top-notch stuff, like really.

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