Israel Folau’s Finally Deleted His Socials, All It Took Was A Court Trial

The Wallabies winning without him probably hurt too… ooft.

Can you feel that?

It’s the tension that comes whenever Israel Folau enters the conversation.

He’s back, baby, and on the eve of his first court appearance our favourite shit-stirrer has gone and deleted his Twitter and his Instagram.

“Bam and the dirt is gone!”

The former rugby-star’s social media platforms mysteriously disappeared sometime on Monday afternoon, less than one day before a hearing into his unlawful sacking claim was due to kick off in Melbourne’s Federal Circuit Court.

Had we known that a simple court appearance was all that it would take to get the GoFundMe beggar to get off the air, we could’ve started a GoFundMe of our own to push it forward.

It’s his Instagram that has caused the most controversy, as the platform where the athlete and conservative Christian broadcast most of his religious messages. Including the infamous post from April 10 that provoked Rugby Australia to sack him.

The post, in which he paraphrased a verse of the Bible and warned that homosexuals, amongst a list of others would go to hell – a list of ‘people’ of which I could very easily identify a number of my mates, family members, and some Christian acquaintances.

It’s the post that sparked the seemingly endless shitstorm of shit-stirring that Israel was bringing through town.

Is his vanishing from social media an act of God? Or is it just a legal tactic. Or maybe it’s a dummy spit because his former Wallaby teammates proved that he is, indeed, replaceable.

On Saturday evening, our hard-doneby Wallabies smashed the All Blacks 47-26 in the Bledisloe Cup. And our boys didn’t just win, Australia posted the most points we’ve scored against New Zealand in test match history.

I’d probably be a little upset it I realised that my team could do better without me too.

But if you’re absolutely exhausted by anything and everything to do with Israel Folau, you may want to take some solace in the lessons to be learned from this saga. And you may want to batton down the hatches because it’s far from over. You might want to take a break from watching the news for the next little while.

We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out after this storm of over.

I just want to see if he can actually get the $10 million in damages that he so desperately desires.


Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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