JobSeeker Payments Have Started, So Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Get That Cash

A Jobseeker fact-sheet you need.

It’s happening, the first round of JobSeeker payments in the Federal Government’s multi-billion dollar stimulus and supplement packages have been sent out today. The $750 payments for people on a range of welfare benefits have made their way around the country to the most eligible by now.

But if you’re still confused about any of it, you’re not alone, there is a lot to wade through. And that’s where we come in. We’ve found out what the payments are, who is eligible, and when they’ll come through.

What’s Today’s Payment?

The first $750 Economic Support Payment is being made to those who were already eligible – those already on JobSeeker, the Age Pension, or the Disability Support Pension between March 12 and April 13 2020. Services Australia says these have already gone to more than 6 million Australians so far.

But, if you made a claim to receive one of those payments before April 13 and it was approved, you will also get the $750. You just have to wait for your payment to be processed in the coming weeks.

A second payment will come on July 13 to those receiving an eligible payment on July 10. But not everyone who receives the first $750 is entitled to the second. Students and JobSeekers receive a different amount.

That’s Me, When Do I Get Support?

If you’re on the JobSeeker Payment (aka Newstart), Austudy, and Youth Allowance (for students, apprentices, and job seekers) among others, you will be eligible for $550 per fortnight instead.

Payments are due to start on April 27, and is automatically added to your regular payments for six months. 

What Do I Do To Claim It?

You don’t have to do anything. If you are already receiving welfare and support payments – JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Partner Allowances, and the like – this Coronavirus Supplement will automatically be added to your payments.

Only those who are not currently receiving welfare need to apply. But, don’t stress too much, the Government has waived asset tests and some waiting periods for payments. That means eligibility for JobSeeker and Youth Allowance payments has expanded to cover: permanent employees out of work; sole-traders, casuals, and contract workers whose income has reduced; and/or, those caring for someone affected by coronavirus.

In a nutshell: if you’re earning less than $1075 a fortnight, Centrelink should approve your claim. And you should get the supplement.

Only Use The MyGov Website If You Have To Apply.

The Centrelink and MyGov websites are under some serious pressure by the influx of users and applicants trying to get on the site. And if you think you’ll have better luck ringing, think again, Services Australia phone lines are being just as heavily inundated.

The website has crashed before (even without the coronavirus influx), and there are only so many people who can take your calls. And workers at the Centrelink offices and sevice centres are under some serious pressure.

But be patient, you will eventually get through. Many questions have already been answers on the website and on social media accounts, so have a quick Google before you join the long queues.

Image Sources: Pexels (mentatdgt)

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