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Love Him or Hate Him, Kanye Is Iconic

His very own klan of Kardashians, a covetable shoe, a Vogue approved runway label, oh and that rapping thing too. The life of Pablo certainly isn’t boring. Kanye West is a conductor, where he pipes other rappers follow, creators follow. He’s instrumental in his expansive ideas and fierce when defending them. From the college dropout to the man who wouldn’t let Taylor finish, Kanye is much more than his outbursts.

Without his rants Kanye wouldn’t have been given the license to create some of his best work, hello Yeezys. But his pervasive way of being creative has earned him no favours, even Obama has called him a ‘jackass’. 11 Kayne albums fill the shelves, his sound growing with each album. Hailing from Chicago, West was known for his beat making skills and knack for sampling, working with Jay Z on his 2001 album Blueprint.

Layering tracks and sounds for his own work has become his signature, have a watch of all the samples you didn’t even recognise in Kanye’s repertoire.

Think of the haunting tribute to his mothers passing in Hey Mama, the autotune chants of Good Life with T-Pain, the jarring echo of Heartless, or the familiar rhythms of toasting to douchebags everywhere in Runaway. That old Kanye is certainly remembered differently to the mammoth noise maker he is today. More recent offerings in Watch The Throne, Yeezus and The Life of Pablo are even further ahead of the game, setting a new standard for hip hop artists and rappers to  strive towards.

From this position of power it may seem like Kanye just stares in the mirror all day or offers an unusually large rant to a seemingly simple question. Remember this is the guy who called out George Bush for hating black people during a Hurricane Katrina telecast; he doesn’t do silent. Instead Kanye seems to be making albums nonstop working with Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Beyonce, John Legend, Big Sean, Lil’ Kim, Diddy just to name the most recent. Plus that Drake collaboration album on it’s way, guaranteed be hype.

Kanye has leveraged the experience of the African American man beyond rap where it’s usually stuck.

Kanye goes beyond rap, from the streets of Chi-Town to the runways of Paris. After the pop up shops in Sydney and Melbourne recently I’ve seen the merchandise every, emblazoned on the backs of every hip hop lover that could get their hands on it. FYI If you didn’t line up expect to pay a hefty price for an on sold item, upwards of $400 on eBay. Kim Kardashian credits Kanye for evolving her style and supporting her when the fashion houses and magazines wouldn’t dress her; they had done the same thing to Kanye only a few years earlier.

Soon Adidas will open standalone Yeezy stores selling the famous Boost that always sellout. His Yeezy collection showed S4 overnight, Kanye making the choice to use only mixed racial models making for a stunning show of diversity on the catwalk. Sure it was to the soundtrack of Kanye but hey when you’re that good.

A cult of followers from me the girl streaming him on Spotify everyday to someone who is inspired to take on rap by the beats and hooks. His lyrics become dance floor classics or everyday banter, from Kanye’s workout plan, HAM or I made that bitch famous.

Narcissistic? Yes. Wouldn’t you be if you were your brand? Kanye has leveraged the experience of the african american man beyond rap where it’s usually stuck. Married to the queen of self obsession Kanye knows how to work it. We should celebrate his colourful attitude and enjoy the music, in pop music glut Kanye is iconic.

Image source: ABC News

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