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Ouch: Saturday Night Rove Just Got Axed After Only Two Episodes

After all those ads I have to endure too.

Channel 10 has been pretty busy lately, what with Bachie being spicy AF and gaining heaps of views. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Saturday Night Rove – which was canned after only two episodes.

Mind you, I didn’t actually watch it. I used to kinda like Rove as a kid I guess, but I don’t really remember it much. And the ads. Oh god, the ads. They were so cringe. It felt like a boomer trying to be all hip and down with the kids. Just no. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise then, that the show did pretty abysmally which resulted in it getting axed so quick.

The first episode only got 244,000 views, which really isn’t much. And then the second one just absolutely tanked, with only 138,000 views. To put that in perspective, there are ABC Kids shows that have gotten more views. The Bachelor got over 800,000 views for it’s debut.

Even Channel 10’s own show Gogglebox was totally roasting Rove, and it honestly hurts a bit. The humiliation is just tragic.

Why Was It So Goddamn Bad?

Some peeps called for Rove’s old style. I think the problem is how out of the box they were trying to be – people just want a classic Saturday talk show, and so the wacky shit (door knocking? Kevin Rudd handball?) just wasn’t really what people were looking for.

Gogglebox’s reaction was a pretty decent portrayal of how audiences were going to find the show, and uhh, they def weren’t impressed. Gogglebox fave Di said she can’t stand the guy, and another guy called Channel 10 desperate. Ouch.

So, on top of bad ratings, it’s now a PR nightmare. I don’t know why Ten thought this was a good idea.

R.I.P Rove. You tried.

Image Sources: Channel 10, Twitter @ThisIsGwyneth, @reesieboi

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