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People Think Andy From Toy Story Got Some Major Work Done And TBH I Think They’re On The Money

A few weeks ago Disney released the full trailer for Aladdin and man, Will Smith as the Genie was an extremely confronting sight to be seen. I’m still recovering from that half man, half goatee-bearing blue thing and I’m terrified to see the full length flick. Well guys, the latest Pixar movie isn’t any different.

That was probably a really harsh description but it’s true, these remakes are very hit and miss. Which brings me to my next point of extreme confusion. Pixar released the trailer for Toy Story 4 and it’s all the talk right now. Andy has undergone a few cosmetic nips and tucks and is now a small man child. People are not okay with it and frankly, neither am I. I’m in all sorts and so is the Internet.

I mean, even iPhone doesn’t know who this new kid on the block is.

I never compared the old Andy to a crackhead but now that I’ve considered it I cannot unsee it. RIP crackhead Andy.

Other fans will miss the Golem-like Andy (sorry, what).

This is an incredible plot twist and a huge jump in age.

But then again, apparently this ain’t Andy.

I don’t know who the frig to believe these days. Conspiracy theories take my already confusing life to a whole new level.

Image Source: Pixar Youtube, Giphy, @anthonydragons, @willo719, @gcldendays, @mart8ndo. 

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